GSTiR Joined the iESE2023 Exhibition in Guangzhou China

From June 15th to 17th, the 2023 International Emergency Safety Expo (iESE2023) opened at the exhibition hall of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China. The exhibition hall covers a total area of 60,000 square meters and has 9 professional exhibition areas. More than 800 domestic and foreign exhibitors got together to build a platform for technical exchanges and business negotiation between the supply side to the demand side.

Emergency rescue works day and night, and various hidden dangers emerge one after another. Even in harsh environments such as night, fog, wind, wind, sand and dust, every second counts for rescue. Relying on the inherent advantages of "temperature measurement" and "night vision", infrared camera can output clear infrared thermal images and temperature difference data between the target and the environment.

Infrared detectors or infrared camera cores that are integrated into emergency equipment can passively receive infrared radiation automatically emitted by targets, without being affected by any visibility or restricted by complex environments. By analyzing thermal image data, rescue teams can quickly discover life and abnormal areas so as to respond immediately and actively. Rescue teams can efficiently search for people in distress, locate fire sources, and discover hidden dangers under low visibility and severe weather conditions.

Infrared technology has become a key sensing technology in the field of emergency equipment. A variety of infrared detectors and thermal modules developed by Global Sensor Technology (GSTiR) were displayed at this exhibition show, providing various suitable infrared solutions for emergency equipment.

iLC212 Uncooled Thermal Module (For Security Monitoring)
With its size and weight are the lowest level in the industry, GSTiR iLC212 uncooled thermal module can be quickly integrated into various product forms such as small security handsets, wearable rescue equipment etc.

PLUG1212 Uncooled Thermal Module (Standard)
With megapixel metal-package infrared detector, the PLUG1212 uncooled thermal module is rather rugged and stable, ensuring smooth operation and clear imaging of emergency equipment in harsh environments.

TWIN612R Uncooled Thermal Module (Standard)
The TWIN612R uncooled thermal module focuses on the overall performance of infrared core components, and strives to make the overall performance of emergency equipment more balanced after integrating infrared functions.

COIN612R Uncooled Thermal Module (Standard)
The COIN612 uncooled thermal module has excellent SWaP performance, which can reduce the weight of emergency equipment, adapt to more systems and complete machines, and meet more emergency needs. 

At present, emergency equipment with integrated thermal imaging functions has been used in large scale in fields such as fire rescue, security monitoring, forest fire prevention, environmental protection, industrial explosion protection, water law enforcement etc. In the future, the maturity and popularization of thermal imaging, thermography and AI technology will also lead to more subdivided application scenarios.

As a leading manufacturer of mass-produced infrared detectors in China, GSTiR has skilled technology and large-scale production lines to ensure higher production capacity and lower-cost infrared core device products. The rich experience in cooperation with major manufacturers also makes the integration of infrared functions easier. There are still two days left in the exhibition, looking forward to meeting you!

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