GSTiR Wafer-level Infrared Modules and Solutions

Based on the mini wafer infrared products, GSTiR provides a complete set of solutions for customers with different development capabilities.

1. Bare Module

The wafer-level package infrared module integrates optical lens, detector and basic imaging processing circuit to achieve accurate temperature data and sharp images for each target spot or area It can be integrated into mobile terminals or smart devices, especially innovative products with requirements for cost, size and weight

2. Module solution

Module solution is divided into two parts: full-frame temperature data and images can be quickly obtained based on the bare module and a variety of data processing solutions; optimal structure design and universal data interface solution can be rapidly applied to different smart devices

3. Infrared module

Based on the bare module and module solutions, a miniaturized and smart module can be achieved. The infrared module has benefits of easy secondary development, free from calibration, plug-and-play, and standard SDK and can be easily integrated into various IR products.

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