Forest Fire Prevention

Forest fires prevention is challenging because the forest area is vast, foggy and dimly while the initial fires are often small unobvious flames, which is difficult to see by human eyes or visual camera monitoring. Infrared thermal imaging technology can solve these problems. The forest fire prevention system with IR integrated could carry out real-time, long-distance monitoring in all weather conditions for all day long. It helps find out the accumulated heat, hidden fire source or early fires and sends out warning signals for early or immediate actions.

Forest Fire PreventionForest Fire Prevention


On-line Surveillance, UAVs

  • Large array for wide FOV searching
  • Motorized/continuous zoom long-focus lens for long operation range
  • High temperature alarm, hot spot automatic tracking

Fire Prevention

Fire generally needs to go through the process of surface temperature rising, smog and visible fire. Infrared thermal imaging has the function of non-contact heat detection and temperature measurement. Before smog and visible fire, it can sensitively detect the abnormal temperature rise of objects and timely warn to eliminate fire hazards. If the fire still happens, infrared thermal imaging, without interference by smoke, strong light, backlight, or total darkness, can clearly feed back the fire situation, provide technical support for the on-site personnel for search and rescue, and provide strong evidence for investigating the cause of fire afterwards.

Fire PreventionFire Prevention


On-line Surveillance, Robots

  • High temperature alarm, hot spot automatic tracking
  • Penetrate smoke, clear imaging under strong light, backlight and dark conditions

Search & Rescue

Smoke generated from fire often causes great difficulties to the rescue effort, like hindering firefighters from finding the passageway of fire scene, the location of trapped persons and valuables, and so on. Infrared thermal imager can help firefighters from the distraction of smoke, clearly showing the real situation of the fire scene, thus they could quickly make the most effective judgments and decisions.

Fire RescueFire Rescue


Handheld Thermal Imager, Firefighting Helmet, Firefighting Glasses, UAVs

  • Penetrate smoke, clear imaging under strong light, backlight and dark conditions
  • Extremely compact, supremely lightweight
  • Low power consumption, power saving for long battery life

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