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Thermography Thermography


Infrared thermal imaging technology plays an important role in product quality control and monitoring, on-line fault diagnosis and safety protection of equipment and energy saving in the production process.

Security Monitoring Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Thermal Imaging surveillance systems can work through day and night. It is a fast, economical and ideal solution to increase security and protect citizens' lives and property in those areas lacking sufficient illumination.

Optical Gas Imaging Optical Gas Imaging

Optical Gas Imaging

Optical gas imaging technology visualizes the invisible VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that cannot be seen by naked eyes. It easily realizes all-weather, long-distance, non-contact and non-destructive gas detection.

Firefighting & Rescue Firefighting & Rescue

Firefighting & Rescue

Infrared thermal imager can help firefighters from the distraction of smoke, clearly showing the real situation of the fire scene, thus they could quickly make the most effective judgments and decisions.

UAVs Payload UAVs Payload

UAVs Payload

The UAV equipped with infrared thermal imaging modules can patrol the areas or inspect equipment that the patrol personnel cannot reach.

Personal Vision Personal Vision

Personal Vision

Thermal cameras scan quickly observe the surrounding environment, discover or observe animals in time, search for people in forest or in total darkness.



Infrared thermal imaging technology can improve the visibility of drivers' in all weather conditions and light environment, detect distant obstacles and make driving judgment as soon as possible, so as to ensure the safe driving.



Thermal imaging modules can be integrated into all kinds of intelligent hardware devices for smart home, epidemic prevention, temperature measurement, engineering detection, patrol and exploration, etc.

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Infrared thermal imaging technology can also be used for gas leak detection, flight vision enhancement, scientific research and so on.

About Global Sensor Technology

Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd (GST) specializes in the design, manufacture, sales and marketing of infrared thermal imaging detectors and modules. The company runs 3 internally-developed production lines: 8-inch 0.11μm MEMS production line for uncooled VOx detectors, 8-inch 0.5μm production line for cooled MCT detectors and 8-inch 0.5μm production line for cooled T2SL detectors.

GST thermal imaging detectors and modules have been widely used in thermography, security & surveillance, personal vision, automotive and consumer infrared. The mass production capability of GST enables it to meet the growing demand from all existing and emerging markets.

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Information Centers & Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What is infrared thermal imaging?
A: Infrared thermal imaging is a method of using infrared radiation and thermal energy to gather information about objects, in order to formulate images of them, or get temperature information of the objects, even in low visibility environments.
Q2: What is thermography?
A: Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic method, based on object surface temperature detection. The infrared (IR) radiation emitted from an object is recorded and visualized in the form of a temperature distribution map...
Q3: What is thermal imaging module?
A: Thermal imaging module usually consists of an infrared detector, infrared lens and hardware electronics with software and algorithm embeded. It is the minimum unit of a thermal imaging device.
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