Introducing Cooled Thermal Module GAVIN615C


From product research to device selection, from scheme design to prototype verification, GAVIN615C has achieved complete self-development from raw materials to detector module manufacturing in terms of component schemes such as materials, chips, circuits, packaging, cryocooler, optical lenses and circuit systems.

Ultra-clear Image Quality

GAVIN615C cooled thermal module integrates the HgCdTe mid-wave 640x512/15um infrared detector developed by Global Sensor Technology. With high thermal sensitivity typical NETD at 15mK, professional industrial hardware platform and high-performance image processing algorithm, it guarantees stable performance, sharp and clear image details even in harsh environments.

Lower Power Consumption

In the case of no performance discount but better power consumption, the stable power consumption of the whole module is reduced from 11w to 9w (@25℃, typical value). The new professional industrial hardware platform ensures that GAVIN615C has better performance in terms of power consumption, fully meeting the end users' requirements for low power consumption of the whole system.

GAVIN615C cooled mwir thermal camera core can be compatible with a variety of industry interfaces and continuous zoom lenses to meet the needs of various high-end thermal imaging applications.

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