Introducing Tiny iTL612R Pro Thermal Imaging Module

When choosing UAV payloads, its payload capacity and mission requirements are two main factors that should be considered.

As a leading manufacturer of cooled uncooled infrared detectors & thermal modules, Global Technology recently launched a tiny size and lightweight infrared thermal imaging core, which is the compact version of infrared camera core iTL612R. It is the best choice for customers who have restrict requirements on size and weight when integrating their own drones.

Ultra Compact Desgin

Size and weight are the main criteria to measure the lightness of infrared camera module. The size and weight of the previously released GSTiR iTL612R thermal module has already been at the forefront in the industry. Today, the iTL612R Pro made another breakthrough!

After being upgraded, the size has been as tiny as 17.3mm×17.3mm and its weight is light up to 13g. The compactness leads the industry, approaching the "ceiling" of infrared design!

More Applications

The iTL612R Pro thermal module responds to space constraints with smaller size and lighter weight, achieves longer battery life with lower power consumption, overcomes the problem of thermal imaging integration in the consumer electronics field, and provides more solutions for compact and portable products.

Providing 640×512/12μm self-manufactured wafer-level infrared detector, lens protection grade IP67, imaging and temperature measurement version, and various SDK solutions, the iTL612R Pro thermal imaging module strives to accelerate the integration of many fields.

With the continuous growth of emerging markets, the performance of products is getting better and better, and the requirements of various users for SWaP thermal module are becoming more and more stringent. Global Sensor Technology continues to innovate and upgrade products iteratively, providing more possibilities for the cross-border applications of thermal imaging technology.

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