GSTiR Joined the CIOE2023 Conference

On September 6, 2023, the 24th China International Optoelectronics Expo was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. CIOE is one of the largest and most influential optoelectronic industry events in the world. The exhibition area of this conference has exceeded 240,000 square meters, with 3,000+ exhibitors and 100,000+ visitors. There are seven themed exhibitions and more than 80 conference activities in the same period, demonstrating cutting-edge optoelectronic innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions.

This is the first appearance of Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd (GSTiR) in CIOE after the official announcement of the new VI system. GSTiR focuses on the core industry of infrared optoelectronics with a new attitude, gathers cutting-edge scientific research strength, promotes the implementation of scientific research results, and builds an independent innovation pattern.

On the booth of GSTiR, a complete and orderly product portfolio was showcased, from infrared detectors to thermal imaging modules and infrared camera cores, from industry cores to application complete machines, presenting the ecological layout of the infrared industry chain in an all-round way.

Ultra small pixel that challenges the limit

Smaller pixel size can further reduce the specifications of the infrared focal plane detector, but the technical difficulty is also approaching the limit. Also the weight and size of the thermal imaging component will be reduced. As one of the first domestic companies to realize the commercialization of infrared detectors, GSTiR displayed a variety of industry-leading ultra-small pixel infrared detector component products:

With domestic minimum size, the performance of 1280×1024/ 7.5um mid-wave cooled infrared detector is comparable to foreign products of the same type and has been delivered in mass production.

With smallest pixel size in the industry, the miniature thermal module developed based on 640×512/8um uncooled infrared detector is expected to break the record of the smallest 640 thermal imaging module of the same type in the industry.

Based on Type II superlattice technology that passed the appraisal for the first time in China, the 1280*1024/10um long-wave cooled infrared detector leads the industry in various indicators, maintains the highest domestic technology level and has been mass-produced to ensure stable delivery.

Constantly Breaking through HOT Technlogy & Continuous Optimization of SWaP

HOT technology can reduce the cooling capacity requirements of infrared-sensitive chips, allowing for the use of smaller cryo coolers. This can effectively reduces the weight, power consumption, and cost of thermal imaging components, while improving overall performance. GSTiR is a leading provider of HOT infrared detectors and components. We offer:

1024x768/10um full mid-wave HOT cooled infrared detectors with 3.7-4.8um full spectral range sensitive response and a focal plane operating temperature of 150K that reaches industry-leading standard. Its SWaP performance benchmarks the industry's top similar products.

The 640x512/15um HOT cooled infrared detector is based on mature Type II superlattice technology with a focal plane operating temperature of 150K that reaches industry-leading standard and a lifespan of over 30000 hours that ensures 24×7 reliable operation without downtime.

As an upstream manufacturer in the infrared optoelectronics industry, GSTiR is trying all efforts for system integration and terminal applications. In addition to consolidating the core technology foundation of infrared thermal detectors, GSTiR actively cooperates with diversified system integration companies to carry out the import verification of localized, high-performance, low-power thermal imaging components, and accelerate the integration of infrared core devices.

Multiple efforts for fully upgrade GSTiR is making comprehensive upgrades and investments in key areas such as image processing, high-precision temperature measurement, infrared data platforms, hardware and software platforms. We have proposed a series of new image algorithms to effectively enhance the infrared image display in various scenarios. Our new temperature measurement algorithms maintain industry-leading accuracy levels.

With the accelerated penetration of infrared thermographic technology in various industries, GSTiR is pushing for lightweight upgrades and introducing more infrared components tailored to specific industries, along with various combinations of serial communication and video interfaces.

At the exhibition, GSTiR and its partner companies showcased a range of terminal application products in areas such as infrared temperature measurement, online monitoring, handheld observation, vehicle-mounted night vision, and unmanned equipment. This joint effort aims to enhance the industry’s comprehensive solution capabilities and expand market space.

During this conference, GSTiR not only strengthens its collaboration with key customers in the infrared industry chain but also intends to launch more products and services that cater to industry-specific scenarios. We also aim to accelerate the integration of infrared technology with other emerging applications and collaborate with more industry clients to explore the development of intelligent emerging industries, together creating a higher-value market space.

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