Infrared Technology Applied in Security Monitoring

With the rapid development of the market, traditional forms of security monitoring can no longer meet the existing needs, and modern high-tech infrared technology came into being.
Infrared technology, which is known as the most concealed and most targeted, enables 7/24 all-weather monitoring and is widely used in all aspects of daily life, even in key areas related to national security.
Global Sensor Technology (GST) provides a complete set of mature solutions with resolutions from 256x192 to 1280x1024 to meet the security monitoring needs of various industries.

1. Cooled 1280x1024 Thermal Imaging Solution
GST cooled 1280x1024/12µm thermal imaging module can be used in long range monitoring such as Border Security, Perimeter Invasion, Maritime Cruising etc. We also provide different solutions from infrared thermal detector, AD modules to infrared camera module for customers to choose, making their secondary development and integration simpler and faster.

2. Cooled 640x512 Thermal Imaging Solution
GST cooled 640x512 thermal imaging solution includes long wave and mid wave thermal imaging sensor, AD module and infrared camera core. They can be integrated into Remote Monitoring System, Hand-held Reconnaissance System, Multi-sensor Payload, Search & Tacking System, Enhanced Flight System etc.

3. Uncooled 1280x1024 Thermal Imaging Solution
Uncooled HD thermal imaging solution integrates mega pixel thermal detector with wider field of view and longer range for more image details. It can be used in Safe City, High-altitude Monitoring, Airport Monitoring, Border and Coastal Defense, etc.

4. Uncooled 640x512 Thermal Imaging Solution
The 640x512 thermal imaging solution uses high quality resolution infrared thermal detector for sharper and clearer thermal image. It is widely used in City Security Monitoring, Forest Fire Detection, Border and Coastal Defense, etc.

5. Uncooled 400x300 Thermal Imaging Solution
If the resolution is not the most important factor, 400x300 thermal imaging resolution is perfect. It’s the mainstream choice in applications like Infrastructure Monitoring, Smart Traffic System, Electric Power Monitoring, Mining Safety etc.

6. Uncooled 256x192 Thermal Imaging Solution
Cost effective, small size, light weight and low power consumption are characteristics of the uncooled 256x192 thermal imaging solution. It is widely used in AIoT and consumer electronic applications, such as Community Monitoring, Elderly Care, Smart Home, AI Kitchen etc.

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