Introducing GST BRAND-NEW Visual Identity

After experiencing nearly ten years’ development from 2013~2022, Wuhan Global Sensor Technology (GST) has grown up as a world-leading supplier of infrared detectors, thermal modules and solution provider of thermal imaging.
In order to enhance the individualized recognition and dissemination of company brand, and further improve the company’s overall brand image, we have made significant changes to GST visual identity system.

The company LOGO has been adjusted as follows:

NEW Color Palette
The new logo has changed from the previous metallic yellow color, and chose red as the main color, which not only represents the innate infrared gene of Global Sensor Technology (GST), but also symbolizes the vigorous, enthusiastic and positive spirit of GST team. 

NEW Image
Taking the letter "G" (G is the first letter of Global Senor Technology) as the main body and visually surrounded by chip graphics, the brand-new logo demonstrates our firm belief and determination to lay the roots for intelligent sensing, to drive technological innovation, to connect Internet of Things and to benefit the general public with smart sensors.

NEW Breakthrough
The new logo extends an arc from the center to break through the square boundary infinitely upward, indicating that Global Sensor Technology will break through the status of traditional infrared detector manufacturer. In terms of advanced hardware facilities and rich technical accumulation and reserves, more MEMS sensors and cutting-edge optoelectronic devices in emerging fields will be launched in the future.

NEW Direction
Build the "Sensor" platform and share a new future. With smart sensor as the core, Global Sensor Technology will use more cutting-edge technology to drive technological innovation and benefit thousands of industries. 

As the company enters a new stage of development, we will embrace the next decades with a new brand image and better sensing technology& services.

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