Introducing Medical Diagnosis Thermal Module

Medical testing is the first step in medical diagnosis, and many of the current tests to assess organ health are invasive and uncomfortable. While thermal imaging combined with medical examination can solve this problem very well.
By using thermal imaging technology, doctors can carry out 100% safe, no radiation, non-invasive, non-contact full body checkup to avoid further, unnecessary testing procedures. The heat distribution in various parts of human body can be quickly shown to early detect and diagnose physical abnormalities, so that any further treatment can be easier and more effective.
Based on this application, Global Sensor Technology has developed a thermal module focused on the field of health recently. Let’s see what highlights it has.

SWaP Wafer Level Packaging Infrared Detector

Integrated with the self-developed wafer level packaging infrared detector by Global Sensor Technology, the iHA417W medical diagnosis thermal module has smaller size, which guarantees a lower integration cost. It helps to develop medical and health markets at all levels faster, and lets thermal imaging technology benefit the public.

High Thermal Sensitivity & Stable Performance

With typical NETD<50mk/f1.0/25℃, and temperature uniformity ≤±0.3℃(better than the industry average of ±0.5℃), the overall thermal imaging uniformity of iHA417W thermal module is better, and its temperature measurement function is more stable.

High Accuracy & Good Consistency

Good quality control ensures a better temperature measurement consistency and superior temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.5°C. No need for built-in black body ensures a compact design and easier temperature measurement.

Two Modes of Temperature Measurement Distance

There are two modes of temperature measurement distance: 5 meters and 0.5 meters, which can be used in various scenarios.

Fast Integration & Wide Applications

The iHA417W thermal camera core is equipped with a 9.1mm lens, 30pin standard interface (Optional Type-C expansion board) and a dedicated SDK for medical temperature measurement. Its general interface is convenient for secondary development, assisting users to quickly realize more functions such as full-screen temperature measurement and thermal image display.
The iHA417W thermal camera module can be quickly integrated into various medical thermal imaging devices, and it is expected to be widely used in the fields of Disease Screening, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy, Health Check-up, Rehabilitation etc. at present and in the future.

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