Introducing iTL612 Thermal Module for Drones

A thermal imaging camera on a drone turns it into a powerful tool, which can be used in many fields, such as Predictive Maintenance, Photovoltaic Inspection, Environmental Protection, Scientific Research, Aerial Photography, Police Investigation, Relief & Rescue, Forest Fire Prevention, Urban Safety etc.
But how to choose a suitable thermal imaging module for drones?
GST introduces a new tiny iTL612 thermal camera core. It is specially designed for the drones.

So Why is the iTL612 Thermal Module?

· Tiny & light weight design for drones
· Sharp & clear presentation with more details
· Single power supply for easier integration

Fully Optimized SwaP & Long Battery Duration

With mini size at 21mm×22.3mm×27.3mm and light weight as low as 21g, the iTL612uncooled thermal imaging module is very suitable to be integrated into drones with strict space requirements. Its compact design has reached the top level of the same specification thermal camera modules.

Besides, its optimized circuit structure design guarantees steady power consumption as low as 0.7W, which effectively improves the long battery life of the infrared system.

Accurate Temperature Measurement & Enhanced Image Algorithms

Integrated the GST self-developed wafer-level-packaging 640×512@12μm infrared detector, the iTL612 infrared camera module has powerful image processing algorithms and optional radiometric function so that targets can be easily identified in long-distance high-altitude scenes.

Single Power Supply & Easier System Integration

iTL612 thermal camera module adopts single power supply that matches international standard (3.3V±0.1V VDC), ensuring lower development cost and easier system integration.

Light weight, more intelligent and easier integration are mainstream trends in infrared market now. As a new masterpiece of the industry's miniature infrared core, iTL612 will be widely used in small aircraft payloads, wearable devices, consumer electronic products and various smart terminals.

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