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On the evening of May 4th, 2021, a spectacular drone show was staged at the Hankou River Beach in Wuhan City.

A fleet of 520 unmanned aerial vehicles (UVAs) was pilot-controlled in the sky to present a variety of graphic patterns, including the Yellow Crane Tower, the Yangtze River Bridge and other famous scenic spots in Wuhan. With the transformation of these patterns, the enthusiasm of the audience was instantly ignited, and their cheers were incessant.

What a cool drone show, yes? Now let's take a look at another scene that was not presented to us:

These are infrared images taken by the special drones that perform security missions on the scene. In other words, these special drones are the security guards that keep the "performing" drones in order.

Drone shows are cool, but if they're just used for entertainment or outdoor filming, it must be overkill.

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can be used in multiple scenarios and industries with various types of loads. While with the help of infrared thermal imaging technology, UAVs could make full use of its advantages to play more important role in all walks of life.

Uncooled infrared thermal module produced and researched by Global Sensor Technology (GST) is customized according to the strict requirements of the infrared load of the UAV with small size and flexible, lightweight structure, fully optimizing the SWAP. With professional temperature measurement algorithm analysis, it fully meets the needs of UAV in various industries for clear observation and accurate temperature measurement of long-range targets.

So, how does the infrared thermal imaging module help UAVs to be widely used in various industries?

Equipment Inspection

In the routine inspection of petrochemical pipeline, power transmission and photovoltaic power generation system, there may be some problems of blind area of vision and low inspection efficiency in manual operation, because the equipment is distributed in a place that is difficult for personnel to reach or open and vast. The UAV equipped with infrared thermal imaging detectors or modules can quickly detect abnormal high or low temperature areas, so as to analyze whether there is oil leakage in petrochemical pipelines, or whether there is overheating risk in power lines and photovoltaic panels, which greatly improves the inspection efficiency and reduces the possible personnel risks.

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Enforcement & Rescue

The UAVs equipped with infrared thermal imaging detectors or modules can work throughout day and night without external light sources. It can penetrate heavy smoke, haze and other adverse conditions, with a visual distance of several hundreds of meters. It can also quickly identify human body in complex environment or in camouflage conditions. This IR UAVs can be used in the complex environment of earthquake, fire, mountain torrent or in other disasters. It can quickly locate the trapped people, identify the potential danger on the damaged road, and greatly improve the rescue efficiency; it can also be used to search for camouflage personnel at night, in forest, fog or other environments with blocked vision, to assist the law enforcement officers in fighting criminals.

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Firefighting Application

The UAVs equipped with infrared thermal imaging modules can overlook the fire through the thick smoke; quickly locate the trapped people, fire points and potential risks. It helps firefighters to formulate accurate fire-fighting plans. It can also patrol forests and grasslands to find high-temperature or flammable points, and prevent the loss of forest resources caused by fire.

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Animal Observation

The infrared thermal imaging modules enable the UAVs to have the function of non-contact detection of heat. As long as there is a significant temperature difference between the animals and the environment, the animals hidden in the environment can be found. In addition, the UAVs have all the characteristics of large depth, wide field of view and high mobility, which can improve the timeliness and accuracy of population survey, and reduce the danger of personnel and the interference to wild animals.

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How amazing the UAV with infrared thermal imaging technology is! Do you want to know more? Here's a chance for you.

The 6th Shenzhen International UAV Exhibition will open on May 21, and Global Sensor Technology will also present its latest infrared products in this exhibition. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit.

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