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A strong explosion shook the Caspian Sea area near Azerbaijani gas field and a column of fire rose on July, 4th local time. Initial reports suggested the explosion might have been related to a nearby oil rig.  However, the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) later denied this, and the company issued a statement saying there had been no accident on its oil rig.

The cause of the blast was not determined whether due to the extensive offshore oil and gas fields nearby. However, the explosion caused by petrochemical has always been a problem that cannot be ignored in production safety.
Petrochemical industry is a high-risk industry. Many important equipment are operated in harsh environment for a long time, such as high temperature, high pressure, corrosion, toxic, flammable, explosive environments. Thus, there will exist massive potential safety hazards like fire and explosion.  
In order to ensure safe production and product quality control, it is necessary to strictly monitor the safety of important equipment in the production and storage process. While due to the high risk of petrochemical industry, traditional monitoring techniques for its equipment are very challenging.

Advantages of Infrared Thermal Imaging
By using infrared thermal imaging technology, it can efficiently monitor the safety of oil storage tank and gas storage tank, achieving double assurance of fire & disaster prevention and quality improvement.
* More Secure
Detect hidden dangers of storage tank quickly to ensure early warning and prevent accidents.  
* More Efficient
Visually view and analyze the temperature field of the outer wall of the storage tank through the infrared thermal image, so that the equipment status can be clear at a glance.  
* Automatic Monitoring  
Realize 24h uninterrupted automatic monitoring and unattended operation
* Higher Economic Benefits  
Prevent production interruption, reduce accidents, reduce labor cost input and promote higher economic benefits.  
Applications of Infrared Thermal Imaging
Infrared thermal imaging has two main applications in the petrochemical industry:

1. Monitoring the Liquid Level

If the liquid level is too high, it will result in safety risks and losses caused by oil spill and gas leakage. If the liquid level is too low, it will affect the production efficiency of enterprises.  
Using infrared thermal imaging technology, the storage tank can be monitored from a distance to avoid production and safety accidents. At the same time, the tank with obvious deviation of storage capacity can be deeply detected to avoid potential dangers. 

2. Detecting the Temperature Distribution

The temperature image of the storage tank can be visualized, which can directly judge the damage degree of the tank, so as to find out the hidden danger in time. At the same time reasonable and scientific maintenance plan can be made to improve the quality and efficiency of the production.  

Note: as shown in the picture above, the infrared thermal imaging detected that the temperature field distribution of the tank is relatively balanced, which is the normal operation state of the tank.  

If the temperature of the tank is too high or too low in a certain period, the operation and maintenance personnel should pay attention to this part, judge the cause of the abnormality and carry out preventive maintenance in time.  

Infrared Thermal Module Solutions
Infrared thermal module developed by global sensor technology can be integrated into on-line monitoring systems and portable thermal imagers with the following functions
* Support LAN interface: Gigabit Ethernet adaptive, hundred meters transmission, flexible network
* High precision temperature measurement, adjustable temperature range; 2000℃ range can be measured with high temperature filter
* Professional thermography analysis: regional analysis, multi-spots temperature measurement, isotherm, high temperature alarm, hot spot automatic tracking

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