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The 6th Shenzhen UAV Expo 2021 began in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from May 21 to 23, 2021. Hundreds of unmanned systems well-known entrepreneurs, technicians, nearly thousand unmanned systems related companies and tens of thousands of UAV fans at home and abroad gathered at this expo.

During the conference, a number of cutting-edge forums have been held around 5G+ UAV application, security management, industry application, education training, artificial intelligence, robot, water unmanned system, AI and other topics, jointly discussing the innovative application and future industry of UAV and vigorously promoting the application and development of unmanned industry in the post-epidemic era.

UAV Expo 2021 focuses on the theme of "New Starting Point, New Value and New Applications". So, if we want to be "new", we must rely on new technology and new products.

While Global Sensor Technology presented its new infrared detector and thermal imaging module that can be used in unmanned systems based on the infrared thermal imaging technology, which is very consistent with the theme of this Expo.

New Technology

Infrared UAVs payload system is a new technology emerging in recent years. It can be widely used in many applications such as electric power inspection, photovoltaic inspection, enforcement & rescue, petroleum equipment inspection, firefighting & rescue, animal observation & protection, scientific research aerial photography, urban security and other fields, and provides effective solutions for the implementation of tasks of unmanned aerial vehicles in various environments.

Infrared module is the core component of UAV payload. The Thumb/COIN/PLUG series displayed in this expo are up to 640×512 resolution and as low as 12μm in pixel size with clear imaging, small size and light weight. They are suitable for integration in various types of UAVs payload and can realize all-weather monitoring of long-range targets.

New Value

The value of infrared detector is the infrared thermal imaging and infrared temperature measurement. The wafer level package and metal package infrared detectors integrated into UAVs payload are equipped with high-performance signal processing circuit and image processing algorithm, using ultra-low weight design, extremely small and compact structure. It is easy to be integrated in all kinds of UAVs system, quickly realizing remote infrared detection and temperature measurement function.

New Starting Point

With the rapid development of sensors and Internet of Things technology, all kinds of unmanned systems and products are rapidly and comprehensively infiltrating into our daily life: unmanned assembly line, UAVs electric power inspection, unmanned sales system, UAVs parcel delivery, unmanned car express delivery, unmanned ship water search and rescue...

Although this is the first time for Global Sensor Technology to participate in UAV Expo, we have already carried out in-depth cooperation with many top UAV companies in the industry. Our infrared detectors and modules have been applied in many UAV projects.

UAV Expo 2021 is the starting point for us to participate in the UAV Expo, and also the starting point for us to expand into other areas of unmanned systems beyond UAV. The rapid development of unmanned industry will surely drive the sensor industry to a higher stage together.

Let’s meet here to talk about the future of the unmanned industry.

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