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Recently, an infrared module developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST) has been a hot sale product and received various high praises from our foreign customers. Let’s see what they are saying about it.

Yes, that is our COIN612 Wafer Level Infrared Module, a complete infrared thermal imaging module that is both light and compact.

Why is the module so attractive and popular among our customers?

01 Fully optimized SWAP with light & compact structure

All below are integrated in one module:

  • + 640x512@12μm wafer level infrared detector
  • + High performance signal processing circuit
  • + Patented image processing algorithm
  • + Athermal 8.8mm optical lens
  • + Impact resistant structural parts

So, what is the size of such sophisticated infrared module? Let's look at the physical comparison.

It is just the same size as a coin.

Lightweight and low cost are the target of infrared terminal products. Integrated WLP infrared detector, the COIN612 has smaller size and lighter weight, promoting the lightweight upgrade of the whole module. The higher volume of wafer level package combined with more automated manufacturing processes further reduce the cost of the system. Together, the cost and technical threshold of integrated infrared functionality are significantly reduced.

02 Multi-protocol & multi-interface extension for easy integration

In addition to integrating the above hardware, COIN612 infrared module also has perfect imaging processing algorithm and rich external interfaces, providing SDK toolkit and customized technical support to meet the personalized needs of various customers.

For customers with different development capabilities, we can provide specific toolkits and technical support packages, so that different kinds of customers can quickly realize secondary development and system integration based on COIN series module.

SDK development kit:
General-purpose Sales Kit/Entry Level Technical Support Package/Expert Level Technical Support Package
Support ARM/Windows/Linux platform secondary development

03 Multiple optical lenses for personalized requirements

COIN612 module can be configured with a variety of fixed focus athermal infrared optical lens (8.8mm, 13mm, 19mm), whether close observation for target details, or medium range for monitoring detection can meet the needs of different scenarios and different applications of personalized infrared thermal imaging.

COIN612 module adopts 640×512@12μm vanadium oxide uncooled infrared detector with a variety of different optical lenses, presenting more subtle temperature changes, more details on the picture and obtaining clearer image.

04 Customizable according to customer requirements

In order to meet various kinds of commercial and industrial needs, the COIN612 uncooled infrared module has a special industrial temperature measurement version. ARM/Windows/Linux secondary development kit can be provided according to the actual application needs of customers to achieve full screen temperature measurement function.

For COIN612 module, its standard temperature measurement accuracy can reach to ±3℃or ±3%, and standard temperature measurement can range from -20℃ to 150℃. The temperature measurement range can be customized and expanded according to customer requirements.

There are two reasons why wafer level infrared detectors and modules are the focus in the infrared industry today:

- Making infrared detectors and modules cheaper;

- Making infrared function to be integrated into the whole machine simpler

Global Sensor Technology takes the lead in mass production of wafer level package infrared detectors in the industry, and steadily supplies a full range of wafer level infrared detectors, module components and complete sets of wafer level infrared solutions. At present, the relevant cooperation with major manufacturers at home and abroad is also in steady progress.

For Global Sensor Technology, COIN612 infrared module is just a small step toward mass production of wafer level module, while it is also a big step towards the popularization of infrared thermal imaging.

We also look forward to working with more manufacturers in the future to jointly promote the application of infrared thermal imaging technology in more emerging industries and application fields.

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