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From May 7th to 9th, the 2021 China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry & Tuning (Shenzhen) Trade Fair (AAITF Shenzhen 2021) was held in Shenzhen International Convention & Exhibition Center.

AAITF has always been a bellwether of the transportation industry, attracting great attention from both inside and outside the industry. This exhibition focuses on ecological chain of the whole industry transportation, and comprehensively penetrates the automobile front and rear assembly market.

The vehicle-mounted intelligent driving assistance system is a new technology emerging in the transportation industry in recent years, which mainly relies on a variety of sensors, including infrared detectors.

Being the Chinese pioneer in infrared industry, Global Sensor Technology (GST) joined this exhibition with the theme of "Vehicle-mounted Infrared Night Vision Module Solution" which is closely related to wafer level package (WLP) infrared detectors and modules. The WLP detectors with array size ranging from 120×90 to 640×512 and ultra-micro wafer level infrared modules are all on display.

As the most popular detector in the field of infrared applications, wafer level package infrared detector has smaller size, lighter weight and lower cost. Global Sensor Technology is the first domestic enterprise to achieve mass production of WLP infrared detectors. Its mature, advanced process and its core technology are the stable guarantee to realize mass delivery of infrared detectors.

Vehicle-mounted night vision system based on the integration of detectors and modules has the advantages of more compact structure, lower cost and faster integration speed. Being equipped with infrared detector, the vehicle-mounted intelligent driving system can detect longer distance and identify object types that are detected: people, animals or inanimate obstacles. It can present clear image under all kinds of visual limited environmental conditions (glare, total darkness, rain & snow, haze, sand & dust etc.), so as to give early warning of risk information endangering traffic safety and ensure traffic safety.

In addition, infrared thermal imaging technology has also been applied to the field of on-board intelligent cockpit, used to sense the activity of drivers and passengers, such as vehicle HVAC system management, the corresponding adjustment of air conditioning temperature, seat heating and internal ventilation functions, to ensure the comfortable driving of on-board personnel.

It was the first time for Global Sensor Technology to participate the AAITF exhibition. This attempt not only shows a single infrared detector or component, but also the practical application of infrared detectors and components in the field of vehicle driving assistance, so as to promote the practical implementation of more thermal imaging applications close to the daily life of the public.

At the same time, Global Sensor Technology unites with Xuanyuan Idrive Technology, which is an innovative manufacturer focusing on intelligent driving, to show a perfect combination of infrared thermal imaging technology and vehicle intelligent auxiliary driving technology, from the WLP infrared detector, wafer level module, and then a whole set of infrared industrialization series products of vehicle assistant driving system.

The joint booth of Global Sensor Technology and XuanYuan Idrive is located in automotive technology electronic exhibition, which mainly displays intelligent automotive electronics products. As an infrared detector manufacturer, we hope to create a one-stop complete industrial chain from infrared detectors, modules to complete machine and a complete set of application technology solutions, so that infrared thermal imaging technology will bring more intelligent and facilitate daily life of the publics.

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