Infrared Solution for Optical Gas Imaging

Gas leak is a common problem in industry production, it not only exists safety hazard, but also pollutes environment. Traditional gas leak detection methods are difficult to quickly and accurately locate the leak location. And infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection technology has the advantages of non-stop operation, long-distance and wide range, and has received widespread attention in the field of gas detection.

Because gas has certain absorbing ability for infrared, and different gases have different absorbing ability. For example, SF6 gas has a strong infrared adsorption of 10.6μm. With the help of infrared thermal imaging technology, these gases can be seen. Therefore, how to select a suitable infrared thermal imaging solution is crucial for effective gas detection. The key factors include the resolution, sensitivity, measurement range and also the customer's development experience.

GSTiR recommends the following professional gas leak detection product solutions for you:

1. C330M-G infrared detector

GSTiR independently commands the complete set of technical processes for the research and production of infrared detectors, and has achieved stable production.

2. EYAS330G Cooled AD module for gas detection

Based on C330M-G MW cooled infrared detector, EYAS330G cooled AD module is equipped with high-performance signal processing circuit, and supports customers to quickly integrate optical gas imaging system, but it is suitable for customers who have certain development experience.

3. GAS330 gas leak detection infrared camera core

The GAS330 gas leak detection infrared camera core includes an image processing board, infrared optical lens, expansion board, shutter, and housing, built-in professional gas enhancement algorithm, universal output interface and a variety of lenses, greatly reducing the integration difficulty for integrators.

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