The Advantages of Infrared Thermal Imaging Gas Leak Detection

Gas leakage is common in production; it not only pollutes environment but also damage people's health. Traditional gas leak detection ways are inefficient and dangerous. With the development of infrared technology, infrared thermal imaging is also gradually applied in the field of gas leak detection. This is because gases have different absorption abilities for infrared radiation, and different gases also have different absorption abilities. Infrared detector is the core of infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection system. Its working principle is to transform invisible infrared radiation into visible infrared images based on the temperature difference between target and background or parts of the target. Gas leak detection infrared detector has built-in narrowband filter, which only receives the infrared band close to gas infrared absorption peak, so gases are easily identified.

Let's talk about the advantages of infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection:

1. Gas visualization

By adding professional gas enhancement algorithms, invisible gases can be visualized, infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection helps to rapidly locate leakage points.

2. Long distance and large scale scanning

At long distance and large scale conditions, infrared thermal imaging can rapidly screen target areas, and is able to achieve parts that people can't reach.

3. Non-contact temperature measurement

Infrared thermal imaging can conduct non-contact temperature measurement at long distance, and show and storage data in real time, it is convenient for staff to analyze data.

4. Non-stop inspection

Infrared thermal imaging can detect equipment during operation, which can reduce certain production losses.

5. Pollution-free

Infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection technology will not have adverse effects on the environment, and it is a science and technology with great development potential.

The above are the main advantages of infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection technology, which is an indispensable technology in modern industrial production.

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