The Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging in Industry Detection

With the continuous development of infrared thermal imaging, it has been widely used in industry detection. Infrared thermal imaging technology can display the temperature distribution on the surface of the measured object, and has the advantages such as non-contact, real time and accurate. Therefore, it is highly favored by users. Currently, infrared thermal imaging has played an important role in machine vision, equipment fault detection and building inspection.

1. Machine vision

Such as in electronic component production, infrared thermal imaging can rapidly screen production of non-conforming components, which improves production efficiency and reduce labor costs. In addition, it can also monitor and track the working status of robots or drones, and help staff to diagnose machine equipment faults and ensure production safety.

2. Power detection

Infrared thermal imaging can conduct non-destructive detection on power equipment without interrupting its operation, and it is able to quickly locate system faults through abnormal device temperatures, for example, detecting high-voltage cables, transformers, and switchgear. Compared with traditional manual inspection, infrared thermal imaging technology is safer and more efficient.

3. Building inspection

Infrared thermal imaging is also widely used in the construction industry. For example, detecting water seepage, air tightness, mold, and bulging on the exterior walls of a house. In addition, infrared thermal imaging can also help save energy and improve the energy utilization efficiency of buildings.

4. Firefighting and security

Infrared thermal imaging can monitor important locations such as parks and warehouses around the clock, and analyze background information in real-time. Once changes are detected, an alarm can be immediately issued, effectively ensuring the safety of important places and people. Except monitoring functions, infrared thermal imaging also plays an important role in fire prevention. It can accurately identify the ignition point and range of the fire, and improve fire extinguishing efficiency.

Infrared thermal imaging technology, as an efficient, non-contact, and non-destructive testing method, has a promising prospect in the industrial market.

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