The application of infrared thermal imaging in construction industry

Infrared thermal imaging technology is widely used in construction industry due to its advantages of non-contact and wide range detect. Due to the influence of time, climate and pests, etc., buildings may suffer some damages, such as leakage and cracking. And infrared thermal imaging technology can detect surface temperature difference of the buildings in a non-contact way, and rapidly find the location of the damage.

1. Wall leakage detection

Due to rainwater infiltration, the house may experience leakage and this brings inconvenience for people. Infrared thermal imaging can display the temperature state of the leakage locations and help to locate leakage points. In addition, it can also detect the location of the water pipes damage in ceilings and walls.

2. External wall hollowing detection

As time goes on, the external walls of many houses may experience hollows. This not only has impact on the appearance of the buildings but exists the safety hazard of wall detachment. These problems are usually unable to be observed by eyes, but infrared thermal imaging can display the temperature difference between external walls and hollow locations, helping people to sure the location and size of the hollow.

3. Insulation layer missing inspection

Infrared thermal imaging can not only detect the location of energy loss inside, but show the overall distribution of wall heat accumulation and loss. In order to timely discover unbalanced areas of the insulation layers, clearly catch wall defects to facilitate timely maintain.

4. Air tightness inspection

House airtightness loss can lead to backflow of cold air and increase the load of the heating system. Infrared thermal imaging can find the leakage points and decrease energy loss.

5. Mildew hazard check

Mildew usually appear in wet places. They damage furniture and walls, and even harm people’s health. Infrared thermal imaging is able to clearly display the low temperature areas and easily detect mildew hazard.

The application of infrared thermal imaging technology in the construction industry is not only the above aspects. With the development of technology, it is expected to play a greater role in the field of construction.

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