The principle of infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection

With the continuous development of industry, environmental problems are receiving increasing attention. The gas leakage incidents in chemical plants are inevitable, which not only have an impact on environment but exist serious safety hazards. Infrared thermal imaging is an effective method to detect gas leakage, it can prevent and discover the leakage in time. This passage will introduce its working principle.

Infrared detector is the core of infrared thermal imaging gas leak. Its working principle is to convert invisible infrared radiation to visible infrared images based on the temperature difference between targets, backgrounds or various parts of the targets. The detectors built in narrowband filers, which only receive the infrared band near the gas infrared absorption peak, so the gas can be easy to identify. Infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection technology can quickly, accurately, and safely detect harmful gas leaks such as natural gas, VOCs, SF6, etc.

The advantage of it is sensitivity, which can quickly find the location of gas leakage without stopping the production line. It can detect multiple gas, the temperature measurement is accurate even at a long distance, and operation is also convenient.

Infrared thermal imaging gas leak detection technology is widely used, such as in the petrochemical industry, gas transportation, power industry, aviation maintenance and other fields. In short, it is an efficient and safe technology that can timely detect gas leakage points and provide protection for the normal operation of industry.

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