How to Select an Infrared Thermal Imager for Beginners?

Nowadays, various kinds of infrared thermal imagers have emerged on the market, but their quality is greatly different. Faced with this situation, many consumers do not know how to choose. So how to choose a high-quality infrared thermal imager? When we select, we need to focus on several important parameters below.

1. Thermal sensitivity

Noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) will impact the picture quality of infrared imaging. The smaller the typical NETD, the higher thermal sensitivity, and the infrared thermal imager can detect smaller temperature changes so that presents more temperature details.

2. Pixel size

It is a pixel size on infrared detectors. In the same focal plane array size, the smaller the pixel size, the more the pixel quantity, the higher the resolution and the wider the view. Common pixel size includes 12μm, 15μm, 17μm and 25μm. Among them, 12μm and 17μm are more general.

3. Pixel

Pixel can impact picture quality. The more the pixels, the higher the resolution. The pixels of infrared thermal imagers generally include 256×192, 384×288,640×512, and some even reach 1280x1024.

4. Frame rate

Frame rate refers to image capture, process and display that finished per second. High-frame rate infrared thermal imager is suitable for capturing rapidly moving targets. The higher frame rate, the better performance and the faster response rate.

5. Focal length

The election of focal length for infrared lenses is also crucial. The longer the focal length, the smaller the field of view, and the smaller range that lens can observe. On the contrary, the smaller the field of view, the wider the view. The infrared lens can be divided into the fixed focus lens and the zoom lens based on whether is able to focus. However, the size of the zoom lens is relatively large, you can elect suitable lens as needed.

Above are the crucial parameters for evaluating infrared thermal imager, which can help everyone to better understand it and choose a more suitable one.

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