The application of infrared thermal imaging in AIoT field

Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT), as an emerging field that combines artificial intelligence and IoT technology, has attracted increasing attention from people. In recent years, infrared thermal imaging has also joined in AIoT, which has made our solutions more intelligent and efficient, and achieved significant results in multiple fields.

1. Intrusion alarm

Infrared thermal imaging plays an important role in security solutions, it can detect the intrusion of suspicious and issue early alarm. By utilizing artificial intelligence algorithms, we can analyze real-time infrared data to distinguish intruders, trigger appropriate actions, and enhance overall security.

2. Medical health monitoring

AIoT equipment with infrared thermal imaging can detect vital signs such as patient temperature and sleep patterns in real-time. By integrating artificial intelligence algorithms and data analysis, the devices help human to discover health problems as early as possible, provide personal health advice and nursing management.

3. Smart home

Infrared thermal imaging technology can provide us with a more comfortable, secure and energy-saving home environment in smart homes. For example, an air-conditioning system embedded with an infrared detector can recognize the area where human exist and adjust suitable temperature based on the temperature of the body. AI algorithms can further analysis historical data, provide intelligent energy-saving solutions and reduce the costs.

4. Industry detecting

Detection system with AIoT can use infrared thermal imaging to identify abnormal temperature and improve efficiency. Infrared thermal imager is able to detect gas leakage, insulating gap or device breakdown that is contribute to us take measures in time.

Infrared thermal imaging technology has a huge influence on the various walks of life in the application in AIoT, which makes our life more intelligent and convenient.

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