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The RS079 Cryo Cooler Series Match All Kinds of Cooled IR Detector

Main Features:

  • - MTTF>10000hrs
  • - Cooling Power: (@77K@20℃)>750mW
  • - Cooling Time: <5mins (250J@77K@20℃)
  • - Low Consumption
  • - Low Noise
  • - Built-in Drive Electronics


RS079 is one of the integral rotary stirling cryocooler series developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It provides a miniature closed cycle cooling system to ensure a cryogenic working environment for the normal operation of stirling cooled detectors.
Its motor windings are separated from the working gas to prevent contamination. High wear-resisting coating and clean room assembly are applied to prolong the lifetime and high reliability. For compactness, the electronic drive is built-in. An onboard temperature sensor offers stand-by, remote shutdown and over-temperature protection options. With high performance, RS079 dewar cooler assembly is designed to meet the demand for high cooling power of the large FPA formats.
Due to its lightweight, miniaturization and low power consumption, it is easier for the cryo cooler to be integrated into various terminal products, which can greatly reduce the cost and meet different customized needs of customers.



Model RS079
Type Integral Rotary Stirling Cryocooler
MTTF >10000hrs
Size (mm) 120×59×78
Weight <600g
Cooling Power (@77K@20°C) >750mW
Working Temperature -45°C~ +85°C
Storage Temperature -56°C~ +85°C
Environmental Specification MIL-STD-810
Input Voltage 18-28VDC
Max Power Consumption <18W
Steady Power Consumption <12W (550mW@77K@20°C)
Cooling Time <5mins (500J@77K@20°C)
Cold Finger Dimension Φ9.4mm
Electronics Internal
Integration Method IDDCA

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