Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

Whether it's commuter driving in the city or long-distance self driving in the suburbs, have you ever encountered the following situations:

It's in total darkness. You can't see the distance even if you're equipped with LED headlights.

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

When meeting at night, the other party turns on the "high beam" and blinds your eyes

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

In autumn and winter, the foggy city is vast and white, and the visual situation is really bad.

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

How to have a pair of "smart eyes" to penetrate the obstacles?

N-driver infrared thermal imaging module will be the perfect solution!

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

Based on infrared thermal imaging technology, the N-driver series thermal imaging module provides all-weather visual enhancement function, which enables drivers to clearly observe the road condition information in front of the vehicle under the conditions of poor visibility such as night / rain / snow / haze / sand and dust, fully recognize vehicles and pedestrians, early warn the risk information endangering traffic safety, and maximize the avoidance of traffic accidents Driver's vision blind area, inner and outer wheel difference blind area, corner blind area and other traffic accidents, ensure the safety of travel!

Detection Distance up to 300m +

Detection distance is the primary index to judge the performance of vehicle vision system. N-driver 384 is equipped with 384 ×288@17μm uncooled infrared focal plane detector with high thermal sensitivity (NETD < 50mk), and matches 9.7mm infrared optical lens. At the same time, it can easily obtain the ultra far detection distance of far beyond ordinary lamps while ensuring the field of view angle reaches 37 ° × 28 °.

Detect people: detection distance is more than 150 m (assuming the size of the humanoid target is 1.8 × 0.5m)

Detection vehicle: detection distance is more than 300 m (assuming the size of vehicle shape target is 2.3 × 2.3m)

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

All Weather Application: fearless of rain, haze and dust at night

According to the principle of visible light imaging, the object itself does not emit light, but is imaged by reflected light, so whether we can see the target clearly is closely related to weather factors. The infrared thermal imaging technology is to convert the infrared radiation of the target into the visible infrared image, and the infrared radiation of the object occurs all the time, not affected by the external weather factors, so there is N-driver 384 with the blessing of thermal imaging technology is also not affected by night, rain, snow, haze, sand and dust. It can present clear road image in front of the vehicle all day and eliminate glare interference when meeting the vehicle head-on.

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

Intelligent Warning: automatic identification of pedestrians and vehicles

As an extension of N-driver 384, N-driver 384s can be equipped with algorithm control box, which can automatically identify pedestrians and vehicles in front of them, mark the target position on infrared thermal image, make real-time judgment on possible collision risk, and give warning prompt to drivers to avoid traffic accidents caused by blind area.

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

Quality of vehicle regulation: through strict environmental and reliability test

On the one hand, the car regulation grade products have higher standards than traditional industrial grade products, and there are some special requirements for the use of automobiles, such as environmental requirements and vibration and shock requirements, which are often higher than those of ordinary industrial products and consumer electronics. It can be seen from the table below that many indexes of N-driver series products in environmental and reliability experiments all reach the average level of vehicle gauge grade electronic products.

Infrared Thermal Imaging for ADAS

Full coverage of the before and after market

N-driver 384 supports CVBS output and has a simple interface. It can be quickly combined with the original vision system of the car to easily realize the on-board vision enhancement function, greatly simplifying the difficulty of system integration, so that ordinary car modification shops can successfully complete the installation and debugging. It is especially suitable for commercial vehicles and automobile after market.

In addition, the N-driver 384s, with the function of vehicle intelligent recognition, has the function of digital video output, the external standard interface integrating power supply, video and serial port, and can support the access of algorithm control box. It is lighter in weight, smaller in structure, and more flexible in function expansion, which is more suitable for car manufacturers.

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