GSTiR Debuts at Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024

The Drones & Uncrewed Asia 2024, held from March 6th to 7th at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, has commenced. This event focuses on topics such as cutting-edge drone technology, system development, and core component manufacturing. Some leading unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry manufacturers from around the world have gathered to explore the technological evolution and industrial development of unmanned system.

A key focus at the exhibition is the integration of infrared capabilities into drones, particularly the lightweight configuration of infrared core components. Several high-performance SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power) infrared camera cores are being demonstrated in real-time at the GSTiR booth.

iTL612 Pro Micro Infrared Camera Core

With compact size of up to 17.3×17.3mm and lightweight at 13g, the iTL612Pro infrared camera core represents the industry’s leading 640 thermal imaging camera core in terms of compactness. Continuously breaking through the limits of structural space, it aims to reduce weight for lightweight payloads while providing thermal perception during flight.

TWIN612R Standard Infrared Camera Core

As the mainstream resolution with multiple algorithm capabilities, the thermal imaging and infrared temperature measurement algorithms of TWIN612R infrared camera core have been further optimized, leading to lower overall power consumption. It focuses on the overall performance of the core, striving for a more balanced component performance.

At the exhibition, the 1024×768/10μm HOT (High Operating Temperature) cooled infrared detector, representing the advanced level of infrared thermal imaging core devices, also made its appearance. HOT infrared technology is an important development direction for the third generation of infrared detectors, with advantages in size, weight, performance, and cost.

With the rapid development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the market for complete unmanned systems such as drones, unmanned vehicles, and unmanned ships is experiencing explosive growth. As a supplier of optical and visual modules for unmanned systems, GSTiR will continue to leverage its deep expertise in infrared visual sensing core devices to accelerate the integration and fusion of thermal imaging functions into various types of complete system products. This will provide greater impetus for technological innovation and industry development in the unmanned systems sector.

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