GSTiR Joined the 2023 China Public Security Expo

The 19th China International Public Security Expo and Global Digital City Industry Expo (CPSE2023) opened grandly at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This Security Expo brings together thousands of well-known domestic and foreign companies, covering various public security scenarios such as security, transportation, justice, urban management, parks, government affairs, education, medical care, rural areas, energy, cultural tourism, etc. All kinds of security technology products and technologies gather here to witness the new future of the digital security industry.

Public safety is one of the most important application areas of infrared technology. Wuhan Global Sensor Technology Co., Ltd (GSTiR), a well-known manufacturer in the field of infrared technology, showcased their state-of-the-art infrared detectors, thermal modules, and solutions at the prestigious CPSE event. These cutting-edge technologies are designed to revolutionize public security measures by detecting and identifying potential threats more effectively.

Cooled infrared thermal imaging for high-end security

Based on the domestic first 1280×1024/7.5μm cooled infrared detector, GSTiR GAVIN1207 infrared camera core has smaller size and can display larger area array high-definition imaging, ensuring longer-distance detection, and wider area search. More details about the target can be displayed.

Cooled infrared detection technology has always represented the highest level of the infrared industry. At present, cooled infrared detectors, modules and cores developed by GSTiR have been mass-produced in various high-end video surveillance and basic municipal security scenarios.

Light weight and smaller size for easier integration

SWaP is a key consideration for integrating infrared functions in security equipment and systems. GSTiR uncooled infrared camera module provides more possibilities for the convenient realization of "smart security + thermal imaging":

iTL612 Pro

iTL612 Pro is an ultra-compact infrared camera core with resolution of 640x512 and pixel size at 12um. The size and weight have reached the benchmark level of similar products in the industry, providing more space for portable security devices.


MINI212 uncooled miniature thermal module is developed based on the TIMO256 thermal module by GSTiR. Its ultra-micro structural design, convenient and simple integration are ideal choices for the consumer security market.


iGS 612 shutterless infrared camera core does not require shutter correction during operation. Its detector has been newly upgraded, with smooth imaging and impact resistance, making it suitable for more complex working environments and more demanding security scenarios.


TWIN1212 infrared camera core has outstanding image quality and accurate temperature measurement.     With its infrared imaging/temperature measurement algorithm has been optimized again, and the overall power consumption has become lower; it is a new choice for high-definition security imaging.

In addition to displaying infrared focal plane detectors, thermal camera modules and cores, drones carrying infrared thermal imaging payloads also appeared on the same stage, demonstrating "security drone + infrared thermal imaging" on the spot. There is no upper limit for infrared security, expanding its wider application space.

The thermal modules exhibited by GSTiR offer exceptional thermal sensitivity, enabling precise temperature measurements and accurate object detection. Equipped with advanced features like long-range imaging, wide-field-of-view, and high-speed scanning, these modules empower security personnel to efficiently monitor large areas, identifying potential threats swiftly.

The involvement of the GSTiR team at the 19th China International Public Security Expo was a significant milestone in the advancement of public security measures. With their cutting-edge infrared detectors, thermal modules, and comprehensive infrared solutions, GSTiR continues to contribute significantly to the field of security technology. As threats evolve, GSTiR remains committed to developing innovative solutions that empower security personnel to ensure the safety and well-being of communities.

"Connecting the world, sensing the future" is the theme of this exhibition. As a mainstream manufacturer of infrared image sensors in China, GSTiR will follow national strategic directions such as smart cities, smart manufacturing, and Yangtze River protection in the future, and continue to launch security sensors and be deeply engaged in the field of intelligent security, fully empowering the digital transformation of the security industry.

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