Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) Technology in Infrared Imaging

Non-Uniformity Correction (NUC) is an important algorithm of infrared technology. Its purpose is to eliminate image non-uniformity in infrared images and improve the quality and stability of thermal images. The core of NUC technology is to calibrate and correct the images in the infrared thermal camera to eliminate the grayscale deviation and response time difference between each pixel. The most commonly used method is to use NUC algorithm to process images and improve the accuracy and sensitivity of thermal cameras.

NUC algorithms are generally divided into two categories, one is the NUC algorithm based on background average value, and the other is the NUC algorithm based on scene statistical analysis. The NUC algorithm based on the background average value is to eliminate the image non-uniformity in the thermal camera by collecting the background image at the ambient temperature and using the image average value for correction. This method is simple and easy to implement, but its correction effect is affected by the ambient temperature, and the imaging effect in high temperature environments is poor. Therefore, in a high-temperature environment, it is necessary to use the NUC algorithm based on scene statistical analysis.

The NUC algorithm based on scene statistical analysis is to eliminate image non-uniformity in the infrared thermal imager by collecting multiple regional images in the scene and using statistical analysis methods to correct them. The correction effect of this method is more accurate and stable, but its computational complexity is higher, requiring higher algorithms and processing capabilities. In addition, this method also needs to use complex image processing algorithms and a large amount of image data for training and learning to obtain better correction effects.

In practical applications, NUC technology has become one of the important indicators of infrared movement products. By correcting and optimizing the image, NUC technology can greatly improve the image quality and stability of infrared thermal imaging technology, making it more suitable for various imaging scenarios and application fields. At the same time, NUC technology can also be combined with other image processing technologies to achieve higher imaging resolution and finer imaging effects, bringing greater impetus to the development and application of infrared thermal imaging technology.

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