Infrared Technology Applied in Optical Gas Imaging

Infrared technology is a non-contact imaging and temperature measurement technology, which has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, and fast response. It has been widely used in industrial fields such as gas leak detection in recent years.

It is a technology based on the temperature difference between the surface temperature of the object and the background. When unknown gas leaks, it will absorb infrared rays, which can form thermal radiation difference.

Infrared technology can accurately display the location of the leak. In addition, it can also judge the severity of gas leakage by analyzing the temperature difference in the infrared image, not only qualitative detection, but also quantitative monitoring of leakage.

As one of the means of gas leak detection, infrared technology can collect and display the temperature distribution of the target in real time. Gas leaks of different types and properties can be detected. At the same time, optical gas imaging infrared camera can also be used in conjunction with other detection equipment, such as gas detectors, acoustic detectors, etc., to further improve detection efficiency and accuracy.

At present, infrared technology has been widely used in the field of gas leakage detection, especially in the fields of petrochemical, pipeline leakage monitoring and other fields. For example, in petrochemical enterprises, infrared technology has been widely used in leak detection of storage tanks, pipelines and other equipment.

As a fast and non-contact gas leak detection technology, infrared technology has unique advantages and application value. In the future, with the continuous development of technology and deepening of application, this technology will play a more important role in the fields of environmental protection and safety production.

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