Infrared Thermal Module Interface · HDMI

HDMI is short for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is used to replace the older analog signal AV transmission interface, such as RCA. HDMI is the most widely used digital audio and video interface in the field of infrared thermal imaging consumer electronics, and is also widely used by various infrared camera module products.

There are many versions of the HDMI interface:

- HDMI standard interface: namely HDMI A-type interface, with a width of 14mm, and it is used for HD TV, desktop computer, projector and other equipment

- HDMI mini interface: namely HDMI C-type interface, with a width of 10.5mm, and it is used for MP4, tablet computers, cameras and other devices

- HDMI micro interface: namely the HDMI D-type interface, with a width of 6mm wide, and it is used for smart phones, tablets and other devices.

At present, the infrared thermal module developed by Global Sensor Technology uses the HDMI standard interface.

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