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Vehicle-mounted 384×288/17μm Uncooled Thermal Module

Main Features:

  • A Great Distance of View     
    • See clear image 300 meters away beyond the reach of vehicles' headlights
    • Enhance drivers' field of view so as to better avoid obstacles and identify targets
    Intelligent Alarm     
    • Base on a lot of model trainings and own a set of mature AI algorithms
    • Identify pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and give warning in advance
    All-weather Application   
    • Anti-glare interference from oncoming vehicles in dark night
    • Get clear image in harsh environment such as rain, snow, fog and dust
    High Reliability & Stability                                       
    • Meet IP67 protection level


iDAS384 is one of the iDAS series vehicle-mounted infrared modules developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It integrates 384×288/17μm infrared detector and can be used to enhance driver's visual capability in harsh environment such as total darkness, rain, snow, fog, dust etc. 

With iDAS384 automotive night vision thermal camera, drivers can see clear image 300 meters away beyond the reach of vehicles' headlights. It is also effective to eliminate the interference of high beams from oncoming vehicles, increasing drivers' perception towards the surrounding environment and seeing distance in darkness or bad weather so that the safety of drivers, passengers, pedestrians and vehicles can be guaranteed.



Model iDAS 384
IR Detector Performance
Resolution 384×288
Pixel Size 17μm
Spectral Response 8~14μm
Typical NETD <40mk
Image Display Performance
Focal Length 9.7mm
Field of View 37°×28°
Video Output Format CVBS
Output Image Frame Rate & Resolution PAL 768×576@25Hz
System Features
Start-up Time ≤8s (Room Temperature)
Heater When the Window Temperature is Lower than 2℃±2℃, Start Heating by itself
When the Window Temperature is Higher than 7℃±2℃, Turn off Heating by itself
Compensation Algorithm Automatic Shutter Compensation
Image Algorithm Automatic Brightness Contrast / Image Enhancement
Communication Interface RS232, Baud Rate: 115200bps
CAN Communication, Speed 500kbps
Pedestrian / Vehicle Detection /
Electrical Features
Supply Voltage DC9V~32V
Overall Power Consumption ≤3.5W@24V Power Supply, Window Heating is off
≤9W@24V Power Supply, Window Heating is on
Operating Range
Identification Range Person: 1.8m×0.5m ≥150m
Car: 2.3m×2.3m ≥300m
Recognition Range /
External Cable Connection
Cable Length 4m
Standard External Interface Power Supply: DC5.5*2.1 Female Connector
Video: RCA Lotus Male Connector
Serial Port: SM 2.54-3P Male Connector (Pin)
Physical Characteristics
Size (mm) 40.0×36.0×58.0 (Without Cable)
Weight 150g±3g (Without Cable)
Environmental Adaption
Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C
Storage Temperature -45°C~+90°C
Environmental Test Salt Spray: ISO16750-4
Harsh Level IV
Industrial Solvent: GB/T28046.5-2013
Reliability Test Vibration: ISO16750-3, Grade A
Flame Retardant: GB8410, Grade B
Stone Shock: ISO16750-3, Grade A
ESD: Contact Discharge ± 8kV, Air Discharge ± 15kV
Package Sealed Case IP67
EMC EMC Test Certification (ISO10605, ISO11452-4, ISO11452-2, ISO7637-2)

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