• Thermal Camera Core Module 256X192/12μm | GSTiR
  • Thermal Camera Core Module 256X192/12μm | GSTiR
  • Thermal Camera Core Module 256X192/12μm | GSTiR
  • Thermal Camera Core Module 256X192/12μm | GSTiR
  • Thermal Camera Core Module 256X192/12μm | GSTiR


Miniature 256×192 VOx Uncooled Thermal Module

Main Features:

  • Top Level Configuration
    • Equipped with high-precision PM motor and the thinnest solenoid valve shutter
    Fast to Focus  
    • Realize the function of near-far focal adjustment and auto focus temperature measurement 
    Temperature Measurement
    • High accuracy, customizable temperature measurement range
    • Special software development kit, support cross-platform and rich features


TIMO256 is one of the TIMO series miniature infrared camera modules developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It integrates 256×192 wafer-level-packaging infrared detector, wafer-level optical lens, micro solenoid valve shutter and supports 25°/50° field of view. With industry-standard interfaces, it is easier to be integrated into various consumer electronic products. On the basis of TIMO thermal module, TIMO256AF series is upgraded to realize near-far focal adjustment and auto focus temperature measurement functions.
TIMO256 infrared camera module is oriented for small size, light weight & low price (SWaP) infrared thermal imaging applications but still requires better image quality. Its super miniature structure and ultralow power consumption are convenient to be integrated into various inspection tools, security monitoring cameras or handheld infrared thermal imagers with strict requirements on cost, size and weight.
Now TIMO series thermal imaging cores have been widely used in consumer electronics market. It’s easier for TIMO infrared thermal imaging core to be integrated into more terminal products and greatly reduces the cost of customers. 



Model TIMO256 TIMO256AF
Sensitive Material Vanadium Oxide
Resolution 256×192
Pixel Size 12μm
Spectral Range 8~14μm
FOV 56°±1° 25°±1°/56°±1°
NETD ≤50mK
Frame Rate 25Hz (Customizable 1~30Hz) 25Hz
Focusing Mode Free Electric
Measurement & Analysis
Temperature Measurement Range ① Industrial Thermography: -20℃~150℃, 100℃~550℃ (Auto Shift)
② Body Temperature Screening: 20℃~50℃ (Accurate Range: 28~40℃)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ① Industrial Thermography: Greater of ±2℃ or ±2%
② Body Temperature Screening: ±0.5℃
External Interface 40PIN 50PIN
Typical Power Consumption ≤85mW
SDK Android/ Linux/ Windows
Environmental Specifications
Storage Temperature -40℃~+85℃ -20℃~+70℃
Certificate RoHS
Physical Characteristics
Size (mm) 15×13×6.95 20×15.5×15 (FOV: 25°)
20×15.5×9.7 (FOV: 56°)
Weight ≤2.2g ≤7g

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