• Medical Diagnosis Thermal Module 384×288/17µm | GSTiR
  • Medical Diagnosis Thermal Module 384×288/17µm | GSTiR
  • Medical Diagnosis Thermal Module 384×288/17µm | GSTiR


384×288/17µm Thermal Module for Medical Thermal Image Screening

Main Features:

  • ≤25.4×25.4×30.3 (With 9.1mm Lens)
    Typical NETD<40mk
    Detect Distance: 0.5m/5m
    Light Weight: 32.2±3g (With 9.1mm Lens)
    Superior Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ≤±0.5℃ 


iHA417W thermal module is specially developed for medical diagnosis. It is integrated with self-developed wafer level packaging 384×288/17μm infrared detector, 9.1mm lens, 30pin standard interface (Optional Type-C expansion board) and SDK for temperature measurement with accuracy up to ±0.5℃. The captured temperature data and heat distribution of target can be used to achieve radiation-free, non-invasive early disease diagnosis and long-distance, large-scale body temperature screening.
With typical NETD<40mk/f1.0/25℃, and temperature uniformity ≤±0.3℃ (better than the industry average of ±0.5℃), the overall thermal imaging uniformity of iHA417W thermal imaging module is better, and its temperature measurement function is more stable.
Without external black body, the iHA417W thermal imaging module has a compact & light structure, which guarantees a lower integration cost. iHA417W thermal camera module has an all-in-one standard Type-C interface with power supply, data transmission and control, customers can quickly develop and integrate various temperature measuring systems like medical diagnosis and epidemic prevention.
The iHA417W thermal camera module can be quickly integrated into various medical thermal imaging devices, and it is expected to be widely used in the fields of Disease Screening, Traditional Chinese Medicine Physiotherapy, Health Check-up, Rehabilitation etc. at present and in the future.


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Model iHA417W
IR Detector Performance
Resolution 384×288
Pixel Size 17μm
Spectral Range 8~14μm
Typical NETD <40mk
Image Processing
Frame Rate 25Hz
Start-up Time 5s
Digital Video RAW/YUV
Image Display Black Hot/White Hot/Pseudo Color
Image Algorithm NUC/3DNR/DNS/DRC/EE/SFFC 
Electrical Specification
Standard External Interface Type-C
Communication Mode USB
Supply Voltage 5±0.5V
Typical Power Consumption 0.85W
Temperature Measurement
Operating Temperature Range -10°C ~ +50°C
Temperature Measurement Range 15℃ ~ 50℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ≤±0.5℃ (No wind indoor, target temperature range 32℃~42℃)
Measuring Distance Two Modes: 0.5m or 5m
SDK Support Windows/Android/Linux SDK, Realize Video Stream Analysis, Module Control, Comprehensive Array Temperature Measurement, Temperature Imaging, Temperature Window Setting, Multiple Integration
Physical Characteristics
Size (mm) ≤25.4×25.4×30.3 (With 9.1mm Lens)
Weight 32.2±3g (With 9.1mm Lens)
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -45°C ~ +85°C
Humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
Vibration Random Vibration 5.35grms, 3 Axis
Shock Half-sine Wave, 40g/11ms, 3 Axis 6 Direction
Optional Lens Fixed Focus Athermal: 9.1mm

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