• Cost Effective 256×192 Thermal Imaging Module | GSTiR
  • Cost Effective 256×192 Thermal Imaging Module | GSTiR
  • Cost Effective 256×192 Thermal Imaging Module | GSTiR


iLC Series 256×192 VOx Uncooled Thermal Module

Main Features:

Optimal SWaP-C      
• Reduced cost: self-developed WLP 256×192/12μm infrared detector with high annual output
• Miniature size: 21mm×21mm×12.8mm (with 3.2mm lens)
• Light weight: as low as 8.6g±1g (with 3.2mm lens)
Intelligent & Precise   
• Powerful image processing algorithm: NUC, 3DNR, DNS, DRC, EE
• Non-contact temperature measurement with range of -20℃~150℃ and remarkable accuracy of ±3℃ or ±3% 
Easy Integration      
• Provide Windows/Linux/ARM SDK
• Various interfaces: 30pin-HRS/RS232-TTL/USB2.0/GPIO
• Digital video output: RAW/YUV/BT656


iLC212 uncooled IR imaging module, also known as the uncooled thermal module, is radiometric-capable and has available infrared non-contact temperature measurement function. It includes an exceptionally small size 256x192 / 12μm wafer level package (WLP) infrared detector that captures long-wave infrared (LWIR) spectrum that ranges from 8 to 14μm.

Compared with the same type thermal modules that have low resolution in the market, iLC212 has better image peformance due to its intelligent image processing algorithm, such as Non-uniformity Correction (NUC), 3D Noise Reduction (3DNR), 2D Noise Reduction (DNS), Dynamic Range Compression (DRC), Edge Enhancement (EE). 

What's more, the iLC212 thermal imaging module has temperature measurment with a range of -20℃~+150℃ and support expansion and customization of temperature measurement range.
Due to its fully optimized SWaP-C, the iLC212 thermal camera module has low resolution, small size, low power consumption and very low price. Thus, in the field of security and monitoring, it is very suitable for the wide angle and close range temperature measurement and monitoring. 

This cost effective iLC212 thermal module can be widely used in the Security Monitoring, Thermography, Wearable Devices, Vehicles, AIoT etc.



Model iLC212R
IR Detector Performance
Sensitive Material Vanadium Oxide
Resolution 256×192
Pixel Size 12μm
Spectral Response 8μm~14μm
Typical NETD ≤45mK
Image Processing
Frame Rate 25Hz/30Hz
Start-up Time 3s
Digital Video RAW/YUV/BT656
Image Algorithm Non-uniformity Correction (NUC)
3D Noise Reduction (3DNR)
De-noise (DNS)
Dynamic Range Compression (DRC)
Edge Enhancement (EE)
Image Display Black Hot/White Hot/Pseudo Color
PC Software
ICC Software Module Control and Video Display
Electrical Specifications
Standard External Interface 30Pin_HRS: DF40C-30DP-0.4V(51), (HRS, Male)
USB Expansion Board Type-C
Communication Interface RS232-TTL/USB2.0
Digital Video Interface CMOS8/USB2.0
Supply Voltage 3.3V±0.1V VDC
Typical Power Consumption 0.7W
Temperature Measurement
Operating Temperature Range -10℃~+50℃
Temperature Measurement Range -20℃~+150℃,0~550℃,Support Customization and Expansion
Temperature Measurement Accuracy Greater of ±3℃/±3%
Greater of ±8℃/±8% (IP67)
Regional Temperature Measurement Support Maximum, Minimum and Average Value of the Output Regional Temperature
SDK Windows / Linux/ARM; Achieve Video Stream Analysis and Conversion from Gray to Temperature
Physical Characteristics
Size (mm) 21×21×12.8 (With 3.2mm Lens)
21×21×17.4 (With 3.2mm Lens; IP67)
21×21×17.4 (With 7mm Lens; IP67)
Weight 8.6g (With 3.2mm Lens)
13g (With 3.2mm Lens; IP67)
17.3g (With 7mm Lens; IP67)
Installation Interface M1.6x3.3; Two Interfaces / Surface; 2 Surfaces in Total
Environmental Adaptability
Operating Temperature -40℃~+70℃
Storage Temperature -45℃~+85℃
Humidity 5%~95%, non-condensing
Vibration 5.35grms, 3 Axis
Shock Half Sine Wave, 40g/11ms, 3 Axis, 6 Direction
Certification ROHS2.0/REACH
Optional Lens 3.2mm/F1.1; FOV: 51°×39°; Coating: AR; Fixed Athermal
7mm/F1.1; FOV: 24°×18°; Coating: HD/DLC; Fixed Athermal
Protection Level Reserved Installation Position for Sealing Ring, With the Module Up to IP67

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