• Ceramic Package 640×512/12µm Infrared Detector | GSTiR
  • Ceramic Package 640×512/12µm Infrared Detector | GSTiR
  • Ceramic Package 640×512/12µm Infrared Detector | GSTiR


Ceramic Package 640×512/12µm Infrared LWIR Detector

Main Features:

  • Meet High-performance Requirements
    • High thermal sensitivity, NETD<40mK
    • Excellent and smooth image quality, frame rate up to 50Hz
    Miniaturized Integration Applications
    • Mini size as low as 18.5mm×18.5mm×3.8mm
    • Light weight, less than 4.5g
    • Low power consumption: 120mW


GST612C is a ceramic packaging VOx uncooled infrared detector that is light, tiny and has low thermal noise and fast response. Its resolution is 640×512 and pixel size at 12μm with its optimized microbolometer structure of best sensitivity for long wavelength between 8 and 14 µm.

Ceramic packaging process is similar to metal packaging, which is a mature infrared detector packaging technology. Compared with metal packaging, the volume and weight of the packaged detector will be greatly reduced. Thus, the GST612C infrared detector could be applied to industries that have strict requirements on size, weight and power consumption.

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Model GST612C
Sensitive Material Vanadium Oxide
Resolution 640×512
Pixel Size 12μm
Spectral Range 8-14μm
Typical NETD <40mK
Digital Output Built-in 14 bit ADC
Thermal Response Time <12ms
Max Frame Rate 50Hz
Power Consumption ≤120mW
Size (mm) 18.5×18.5×3.8 (Without Pin Size)
Weight <4.5g
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ +85°C

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