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640X512 GAVIN615B Cooled Thermal Module

Main Features:

  • - Meet the Needs of Long Range Detection
  • - High Sensitivity
  • - Long Range Detection
  • - Easy Integration into the System
  • - DVP/Cameralink Interface, RAW/YUV Image Output
  • - A Variety of Continuous Optical Zoom Lenses are Available  


GAVIN series is the standard cooled infrared module developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It is available with different resolution formats, different wave bands and also different continuous optical lens options. GAVIN615B is one of GAVIN series cooled camera module with 640x512@15μm MWIR infrared detector and RS046 cryocooler inside.

Various image processing algorithms are already embedded in the GAVIN615B electronics to output clear infrared images in the total darkness or bad weather conditions. It can detect and recognize risks and threats at long distance while present more target details at short distance. 

As a leading thermal imaging module manufacturer, Global Sensor Technology provides customers with a wide variety of mature integration solutions. By using GST infrared camera modules, it is convenient for them to conduct secondary development and reduce their time of independent research and development.



Model GAVIN615B
IR Detector Performance
Resolution 640x512
Pixel Pitch 15μm
Spectral Range 3.7μm~4.8μm MW
Cooling Time (20°C) ≤7min
NETD (20°C) ≤20mK
Image Processing
Frame Rate 50Hz/100Hz
Dimming Mode
Digital Zoom
Image Direction
Horizontally/Vertically/Diagonally Flip
Image Algorithm NUC/AGC/IDE
Electrical Specification
Standard External Interface J30JZ 25pin
Analog Video PAL
Digital Video 16bit RAW/YUV: 16bit DVP/Cameralink Output
External Sync
Frame External Sync: RS422 Level
RS422, 115200bps
Power Supply 20~28VDC
Stable Power Consumption 12W
Dimension (mm) 125×92×67
Weight ≤650g
Operation Temperature -40°C ~ +60°C
Vibration Magnitude
Vibration: GJB Vehicle-mounted High Speed Transport
Shock: Half-sine Wave, 40g 11 ms, 3 Axis 6 Direction 3 Times Each
Optical Lens
Optional Lens
Continuous Zoom

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