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640X512 EYAS615B Cooled AD Module

Main Features:

  • - Easy to Develop & Integrate
  • - Cameralink Interface Output 16bit Raw Data, Serial Port Control
  • - Integrated Structure, Dimensions are Consistent with Detector
  • - 5V Single-supply
  • - Capable of Capturing High Speed Moving Target


EYAS series cooled AD modules have the pre-amplifier function to convert the analog signal from cooled IR detectors into a digital video stream output. It is available with different resolution formats and different wave bands. EYAS615B is a member of EYAS family with 640x512@15μm MWIR infrared detector and RS046 cryocooler integrated.

With EYAS series cooled AD module, it is easy for OEM customers to carry out fast acceptance test on GST detectors, start rapid secondary development and shorten their development period of modules and complete products based on cooled infrared detectors.

Global Sensor Technology is an infrared detector supplier and OEM infrared thermal core manufacturer which provides customers with various mature and effective thermal imaging solutions.



Model EYAS615B
IR Detector Performance 
Resolution 640x512
Pixel Pitch 15μm
Spectral Range 3.7μm~4.8μm MW
Cooling Time (25°C) ≤5.5min
Optimal NETD (20°C)
Working Mode
Frame Rate 1~50Hz Adjustable
Working Mode Snapshot; ITR/IWR Integration Mode; Windows Mode; Anti-blooming
Electrical Specification
Standard External  Interface QSH 60 pin
Digital Video Cameralink: Output 16bit Raw Data
External Sync CC1: INT/Frame External Sync; CC2: MC External Sync
Cameralink Serial Port: TFG+/-, TC+/-; 9600bps
Power Supply
1 Channel Imaging Panel: 5V
1 Channel Cryocooler: 12V
Stable Power Consumption 8W
Dimension (mm) 122×88×59
Weight ≤400g
Working Temperature   -40°C ~ +60°C
Vibration Magnitude
Vibration: GJB Vehicle-mounted High Speed Transport
Shock: Half-sine Wave, 40g 11 ms, 3 Axis 6 Direction 3 Times Each

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