• HgCdTe Infrared Detector C615M MWIR | GSTiR
  • HgCdTe Infrared Detector C615M MWIR | GSTiR
  • HgCdTe Infrared Detector C615M MWIR | GSTiR
  • HgCdTe Infrared Detector C615M MWIR | GSTiR
  • HgCdTe Infrared Detector C615M MWIR | GSTiR


640×512 MWIR Cooled Infrared detector

Main Features:

  • Sharp & Clear Imaging      
    • Good uniformity, effective pixel rate>99.5%
    • High thermal sensitivity
    Guaranteed Continuous Supply  
    • Interchangeable standard interface
    • Mass production, good consistency
    Designed for Specific Applications          
    • Wavelength can be customized
    • F number can be customized
    • Mounting surface can be customized
    • Multiple cryocooler available


C615M MWIR is one of the HgCdTe/MCT cooled infrared detectors developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It is with the most popular 640×512/15μm spec for almost all possible applications like long range surveillance system, handheld thermal imagers, gas leakage detection cameras etc.

Its wavelength, F number and mounting surface can be customized, which are specially designed for the customers’ requirements.
Multiple cryocoolers are available for C615M MWIR cooled thermal detector. It is interchangeable with most mainstream products when configured with RS058 integrated stirling cooler. For applications that require compact design, small size and low power consumption, the C615M MWIR cooled IR detector with RS046 detector dewar cooler is an ideal choice. The configuration with split cooler RS046H dewar cooler assembly is suitable for the design of the whole system which needs flexible space arrangement and strict size requirements such as handheld, UAV load, pod and other applications.



Model C615M MWIR
Sensitive Material HgCdTe/MCT
Resolution 640×512
Pixel Size 15μm
Spectral Range 3.7μm±0.2μm~4.8μm±0.2μm
Working Mode Snapshot; ITR/IWR Integration Modes; Windows Mode; Anti-blooming
Charge Capacity 6.36Me-(ITR), 4.99Me-(IWR)
Dynamic Range ≥75dB
Number of Output 4; Up to 10MHz per Output
Typical NETD F2: 16mK
F4: 18mK
Effective Pixel Rate ≥99.76%
Response Non-uniformity ≤8%
Cryocooler RS058 RS046 LS734
Cooler Type Rotary Stirling Cooler Rotary Stirling Cooler Linear Stirling Cooler
Steady Power Consumption ≤6W ≤5W ≤10W
Max. Power Consumption ≤12W ≤11W ≤45W
Power Supply 24V DC 32V DC 24V DC
Cooling Time ≤6min ≤5min30s ≤5min
Maximum Size (mm) 145×58.5×71 120×47×81 Compressor Φ46×122
Dewar Φ40×114
Weight ≤600g ≤350g ≤1.3kg
Operating Temperature -45°C ~ +71°C

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