• MCT FPA Detector C330M MWIR | GSTiR
  • MCT FPA Detector C330M MWIR | GSTiR


320×256 MWIR Cooled Infrared detector

Main Features:

  • Guarantee Continuous Supply  
    • Interchangeable standard interface
    • Mass production, good consistency
    Designed for Specific Applications          
    • Wavelength can be customized
    • F number can be customized
    • Mounting surface can be customized
    • Multiple cryocoolers available


C330M MWIR is one of the HgCdTe/MCT cooled infrared detectors developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It is with the most classical 320×256/30μm spec and is among the earliest products in GST product portfolio for nearly 10 years. Its wavelength, F number, mounting surface can be customized and multiple cryocoolers are available. 
C330M MWIR cooled MCT detector is interchangeable with most mainstream products when configured with RS058 integrated stirling cooler. It can be used for almost all possible applications like long range surveillance system, handheld thermal imagers, gas leakage detection cameras etc.



Model C330M MWIR
Sensitive Material HgCdTe/MCT
Resolution 320×256
Pixel Size 30μm
Spectral Range 3.7μm±0.2μm~4.8μm±0.2μm
Working Mode Snapshot; ITR Integration Mode; Windows Mode; Anti-blooming
Charge Capacity 36Me-/12Me-
Dynamic Range ≥80dB
Number of Output 1 or 4; Up to 6.6 MHz per Output
Typical NETD F2: 9mK
F4: 15mK
Effective Pixel Rate ≥99.5%
Response Non-uniformity ≤8%
Cryocooler RS058/RS046H
Steady Power Consumption ≤6W (@RS058)
≤6W (@RS046H)
Max. Power Consumption ≤12W @ RS058
≤11W @ RS046H
Power Supply 24V DC (@RS058)
12V/32V DC (@RS046H)
Cooling Time ≤6min (@RS058)
≤5min30s (@RS046H)
Maximum Size (mm) 142×58.5×71 (@RS058)
Compressor 45×34×67; Dewar φ33×97 (@RS046H)
Weight ≤600g (@RS058)
≤350g (@RS046H)
Operating Temperature -45°C ~ +71°C

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