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C125M MWIR Cooled FPA Detector

Main Features:

  • • Throttling cool down, fast startup
    • Small size, light weight, compact structure 
    • No vibration
    • No electromagnetic interference


The C125M MWIR is a cooled thermal imaging detector. Combined with a maintenance free 128×128/25μm IDDCA and a miniature Joule Thomson cooler.

The C125M MWIR fully satisfies the requirement for thermal imaging and very short cool down time to ensure the efficiency.



Model C125M MWIR
Sensitive Material HgCdTe/MCT
Resolution 128×128
Pixel Size 25μm
Spectral Range 3.7μm±0.2μm~4.8μm±0.2μm
Working Mode Snapshot; Integration Mode; Anti-blooming
Charge Capacity 24Me-/8Me-
Dynamic Range ≥80dB
Number of Output Single; Up to 6.5MHz
Cryocooler JF428 JF618
Typical NETD 10mK (F1.5) 10mK (F2)
Effective Pixel Rate ≥99.5% ≥99.5%
Response Non-uniformity ≤5% ≤5%
Cooling Time (20℃) ≤5s (50MPa, Ar, 20℃) ≤20s (50MPa, Ar, 20℃)
Maximum Size (mm) Φ35×48.5 Φ35×42.5
Weight ≤100g ≤90g
Operating Temperature -45℃~+71℃ -45℃~+71℃

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