How was infrared thermal imaging used in COVID-19?

Being one of the most famous brands in the field of infrared thermal imaging in China, we have the obligation to popularize what is "infrared thermography temperature measurement" from a professional and authoritative point of view, and why the infrared temperature measurement can "build the first line of defense" in a sudden outbreak such as New Corona virus.

What is infrared thermography?

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are the visible light of nature. In addition to visible light, there is a kind of invisible "light" called "infrared". As long as the object is above absolute zero (- 273 ℃), it will radiate infrared. Therefore, everything in nature radiates this invisible infrared all the time. Of course, human beings are no exception.

How does infrared thermal imaging contribute to COVID-19?

The physical characteristics of the infrared itself has a strong thermal effect, so the infrared emitted by the object, through the advanced photoelectric conversion effect of the infrared detector, and then through the scientific algorithm and accurate program processing, the thermal information contained in it can be transformed into the surface temperature information of the object, which is the basic principle of infrared temperature measurement.

It can be seen that in the whole process, infrared temperature measurement products do not actively emit electromagnetic waves, so there is no so-called "harmful radiation". Therefore, if you encounter infrared temperature measurement products in various security inspection places, you can safely accept the temperature detection.

So what is thermal imaging? Thermal imaging means that the infrared radiation emitted by different parts of the object surface is detected by the infrared detector. After photoelectric conversion and signal processing, different colors are given to different temperatures, and finally a black-and-white or color image representing the temperature distribution of the object surface is displayed on the screen, that is, the thermal image.

How does infrared thermal imaging contribute to COVID-19?

The epidemic situation of pneumonia is fierce, and there is no need to say more about its wide influence and great harm. Why can the infrared temperature rapid screening instrument build the "first line of defense" in the epidemic defense war of national mobilization? The three characteristics of "non-contact temperature measurement", "large-scale real-time temperature measurement" and "automatic capture of people with elevated body temperature" are the main reasons why the infrared fever sensing system can build the first line of defense in the prevention and control of CONVID-19 epidemic.

Non-contact Temperature Measurement

A novel corona virus pneumonia is an infectious disease. Its main difficulty is to prevent high contagion at close contact. The traditional mercury thermometer, forehead thermometer and other temperature measuring tools need to be in direct or close contact with the tested personnel, which brings a great risk of cross infection. The infrared fever sensing system can solve this problem well. It not only does not need to have direct contact with the tested personnel, but also can keep a considerable detection distance without affecting the detection results.

How does infrared thermal imaging contribute to COVID-19?

Left: forehead temperature gun, right: Guide Infrared xt236

Taking the latest xt236 of Guide Infrared as an example, its maximum temperature measurement distance reaches 10 meters, which greatly reduces the contact risk of detection personnel.

Large-scale Real-time Temperature Measurement

In the epidemic prevention and control, the most need of temperature detection is the train station, airport and other places where people are moving in groups. When the difficulty of temperature measurement contact is solved, the time-effectiveness of temperature measurement work should be ensured.

Imagine that if it takes three or five minutes for each passenger to detect the temperature results from the beginning before the subway enters the station, it will take three or five minutes by mercury thermometer, then the result must be crowded and the risk of infection between each other will not drop but rise. Even the thermometer will take 3-5 seconds, and one-on-one measurement must be queued.

The infrared fever sensing system is real-time to detect human infrared radiation. The temperature data is obtained by the algorithm, which is in milliseconds. When the system works, it does not need any stay of the crowd. Once the person enters the monitoring range of the equipment, the temperature data can be measured immediately.

Another advantage of thermal imaging is to obtain the temperature distribution image, that is to say, to obtain all the temperature data of a picture. Therefore, even if the large-scale population enters the monitoring range of the system at the same time, the temperature data of all people can be measured simultaneously. All of this can be done quietly, and the person tested has no feeling at all.

How does infrared thermal imaging contribute to COVID-19?

With this function, infrared thermal imaging is especially suitable for airports, stations and other places with dense flow of people in case of epidemic outbreak.

Automatic Capture of People with Elevated Body Temperature

Because the airport railway station is very crowded, if only measuring the temperature of all people, then the workload of staff screening is still very large, even need to stare at the computer screen 24 hours a day, otherwise there may be fever personnel missing at any time, causing greater problems.

In view of this application scenario, Guide Infrared specially designed "automatic alarm capture" function. The system can set an alarm temperature, such as 37.3 ℃. When the temperature of multiple people is monitored in real time, the system will automatically make a comparison between the temperature obtained and the alarm temperature. Once it is higher than 37.3 ℃, the system will alarm automatically, and record the infrared temperature image and visual image of the current fevering personnel for the staff to view and confirm. At the same time, xt236 also has face recognition function through advanced AI algorithm, which only measures face temperature, and automatically tracks and captures multiple hot people at the same time.

How does infrared thermal imaging contribute to COVID-19?

This design can greatly reduce the arrangement and work of staff, each system only needs to arrange 1-2 staff to do the work of body temperature confirmation, which greatly improves the efficiency of prevention and control screening.

Through the above introduction, I believe everyone has a basic understanding of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement. At present, the situation of prevention and control of epidemic is still grim. We also call on everyone to actively cooperate with the temperature measurement work of security personnel, not only to understand their own physical condition, but also to support the prevention and control work.

Let's work together to win the battle of epidemic prevention!

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