World Earth Day ‧ Invest In Our Planet

Earth is the only planet where we can live, while the problem of air pollution has become increasingly worse with the continuous development of human industrialization.

The emission and leakage of various gases will harm the atmosphere and even endanger human’s life and health. But some dangerous gases are invisible to the naked eye, it is necessary to use some technologies to monitor so that unnecessary injuries and losses can be avoided.
Global Sensor Technology has provided mature solutions that cover infrared detector, thermal module and infrared core for VOC gas leak detection, which can easily realize all-weather, long-distance, non-contact and non-destructive gas detection. The solutions have been widely used by many manufacturers from the following industries.

1. Energy Sources
Gas leakage possibly happens in all aspects of the energy industry from the exploration, exploitation, processing, production, and pipeline transportation to end users. By using thermal imaging technology, inspection robots or cars, drones and other equipment could quickly complete gas leak detection. There is no need for inspectors to get close to these dangerous areas so that their personal safety is guaranteed.

2. Industrial Inspection
Industrial waste gas is everywhere, such as blast furnace gas in steel plants, coal-fired gas from thermal power plants, refineries smelt oil gas, and garbage disposal gas... Infrared thermal imaging can detect almost all hydrocarbon gases. Gas emissions problem will be greatly improved.

3. Environmental Monitoring
Environmental protection is inseparable from regulation. With the optical gas imaging module developed by GST, it will be easier for environmental regulators to supervise waste gas emissions from corporates. Even from far away distance, the low-concentration and slow-flow leaks could be identified. The thermal module could also be integrated into portable gas thermal imagers to store images or video in real time for forensics.  

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the improvement of production safety and environmental regulations, infrared thermal imaging, as an effective gas detection method, will be applied to more environmental protection applications. For a healthy environment, we should try our best to give more care to the earth. 


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