Thermal Imaging Solution for Security & Monitoring

With the development of optoelectronic information, microelectronics, network communication, digital video, multimedia technology and sensing technology, security monitoring technology has changed from traditional simulation to highly integrated digital, intelligent and network.  
Due to the increasing market demands, infrared thermal imaging technology is now popular and widely used in the security system. 

As we all know, traditional security monitoring camera is not effective in bad conditions, such as total darkness, heavy fog, dust, rain and snow. The visible light surveillance camera needs external light to work properly at night, which is easy to expose targets.
In the same harsh conditions, infrared thermal imaging can achieve the following different effects:

- Larger field of view and night vision distance of tens of kilometers
- Detect hidden fire in advance, and find fire danger earlier according to abnormal heat.
- Receive passive infrared radiation from the target without additional light
- Work normally in harsh environment such as smoke, haze, rain & snow, glare, strong light etc.
- Accurately distinguish human or animal through thermal distribution, detect camouflage in woods and other complex environment, reduce false alarm rate.  

So, how is infrared thermal imaging applied to security monitoring products? 
First of all, we need to know the classification of them.

1) By Lens

2) By Outline

Box Camera with infrared thermal imaging module is suitable for perimeter guard with fixed distance and angle and indoor temperature alarm. It usually uses 384x288 resolution, most of the observation type focal length is 13-35mm, and the temperature measurement type focal length is 9-19mm.

Double spectral Dome Camera with thermal infrared camera module has the characteristics of fast tracking, 360°horizontal rotation, no surveillance blind area and privacy area shelter. It can be used for complex scene perimeter prevention and fireworks identification, such as airport, port, prison, oil and petrochemical.

PTZ Camera with thermal camera module is suitable for 360° panoramic monitoring of fire prevention in transmission line, forest fire prevention, border & coastal defense, anti-UAV, station, airport, port, city security and other places.  
Explosion-proof PTZ Camera with thermal imaging is suitable for areas with many dusts or places that is explosive and flammable, such as petrochemical and chemical industry parks.  
Anti-corrosion PTZ Camera with uncooled imaging module is suitable for seaside and coastal areas. 

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How are Global Sensor Technology products used in Security & Monitoring industry?



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