Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

At the end of February, 2021, Elon Musk tweeted his SpaceX Starlink project about planning to cover most parts of the world by the end of this year, complete the entire planet by next year, and keep increasing its reach after that. Starlink is a project launched by SpaceX that provides high-speed internet access around the world through a constellation of satellites in low Earth orbit with a total number of 42,000.

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

The so-called commercial network service, as the project is announced, should be only a small part of its practical applications, with wide-area detection and space remote sensing being the satellite's speciality. Through satellite-borne infrared imaging equipment, effective target information can be detected in the complex environmental background, so as to obtain more remote sensing data on the ground and airspace, and implement monitoring and calibration on the ground climate and environment all day long.

Is such sophisticated infrared imaging equipment exclusive to other company, too? The answer is absolutely NO.

The GAVIN series cooled infrared module launched by Global Sensor Technology (GST) is just that kind of representative product for high-end infrared applications.

High Definition Infrared FOV, Ultra Clear Infrared World

GAVIN series is the standard cooled infrared module developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It is available with different resolution formats, different wave bands and also different continuous optical lens options. It integrates various image processing algorithms and can output clear infrared images even in dark night or harsh weather conditions.

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

For distant targets, a whole set of target monitoring processes can be completed from wide area detection, target recognition to type identification, while for short range targets, more detailed information can be presented.

Large area monitoring, more target scenes

• Wider field of view, resolution up to 1280×1024

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

Slightest temperature variations, more image details

• Highly sensitive, NETD as low as 9mK

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

Ultra-long range target detection

• Detect targets dozens or even hundreds of kilometers away

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

Easy Integration & Rapid Secondary Development

After years of experience in infrared technology, Global Sensor Technology has been leading the domestic industry in developing and producing infrared detectors and related components.

Integrate with Standard Industrial Interfaces

GAVIN series cooled infrared module provides RAW / YUV image data output and a variety of flexible optical lenses configuration. Its standard CameraLink interface with optional DVP, USB3.0, Ethernet and other interfaces enable end users to achieve high-end infrared function system integration easily.

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

Shorten Secondary Development Cycle

We can not only provide self-developed cooled infrared detector and complete module components, but also the development accelerator - EYAS series cooled infrared module for those manufacturers who want to develop their own whole system. Equipped with high-performance signal processing circuit, it is convenient for OEM customers to quickly carry out secondary development and shorten their cycle of developing components or complete products based on cooled infrared detector.

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

Being high level product in the infrared industry chain, cooled infrared module has always occupied a core position in high-end applications such as visual enhancement, gas detection and satellite remote sensing. As a supplier of producing both uncooled & cooled detector and module components, Global Sensor Technology hopes to cooperate with more manufacturers to bring the unique advantages of cooled infrared module to more application fields such as civil aviation flight visual system, space exploration & remote sensing, weather forecast & environmental monitoring, petrochemical metallurgy, and remote monitoring systems etc.

Cooled Infrared Module - Seeing the World Clearly

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