Introducing iGS Series infrared Camera Core

Since application scenarios are continuously subdivided, users’ requirements for infrared camera core performance are becoming increasingly stringent. The iGS series infrared camera core developed by Wuhan Global Sensor Technology has been optimized to meet the increasingly stringent performance requirements in various application scenarios.

Upgraded SDS (Shutterless) algorithm for improved user experience:

"Shuttering" is undoubtedly one of the important factors affecting the smoothness of thermal imaging. iGS series infrared camera core eliminates the need for shutter calibration after powering on, ensuring smooth operation without frame drops or interruptions. It operates silently throughout the entire process.

Durable and strong impact resistant

Impact strength can directly reflect the product's ability to resist impact. iGS series thermal imaging camera module has undergone optimizations in terms of shell material thickness and internal structure to achieve a shock resistance level of 1500g/0.4ms. This ensures stable and reliable operation in challenging environments, delivering smooth and natural imaging.

SWaP Advantage: compact size and lightweight

With a maximum enveloping diameter of no more than φ36mm and a weight of less than 28.6g (bare module), the iGS series infrared camera module adopts a lightweight architecture. It supports various optical lenses (fixed focus, manual focus, motorized focus, continuous zoom) to provide outstanding imaging experiences in limited structural space.

Multiple Functions for fast integration

The iGS series thermal imaging camera core supports direct driving of OLED/LCD screens and various serial communication and video interfaces, including line delineation, storage, networking, WIFI, CMOS/USB2.0/USB3.0/MIPI/RGB888, etc. Its compatibility with multiple functionalities makes it highly adaptable.

The iGS series infrared core is a flagship product of GSTiR, a domestically produced infrared detector component. It offers a stable and reliable supply chain, meeting bulk supply requirements and providing thermal imaging solutions for various portable electro-optical devices. It also caters to the development needs of users demanding high-reliability infrared thermal imaging products.

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