Applications of Infrared Technology in the Field of Firefighting

With the development of science and technology, infrared thermal imaging technology has become an important tool for fire protection and assessment. It can improve fire rescue efficiency and ensure operational safety.

1. Fire alarm

Infrared thermal imaging can identify abnormally high temperatures, detect potential fire hazards in advance and issue early warnings. For example, in the fields of substations and chemical industry, it can be used to detect equipment failures, circuit aging and other problems to effectively prevent fires.

2. Research on rescuing trapped people

Infrared thermal imaging can penetrate haze and flames, helping firefighters accurately locate trapped people and improve rescue efficiency.

3. Detect fire

Infrared thermal imaging can detect the source of a fire because the temperature at the point of ignition is usually the highest point in the entire environment. Additionally, it can determine the direction in which the fire is spreading. By observing the flow direction of smoke through infrared thermal imaging, the direction of fire spread can be judged, and the pressure distribution of the fire field can be judged, providing a reference for firefighters to choose a path.

4. Determine the location of gas leakage

Due to limited human sensory capabilities, gas leaks often cannot be observed. Infrared thermal imaging can detect valve damage, pipe rupture, etc. in specific areas, helping workers eliminate safety hazards and take timely maintenance measures.

5. Fire analysis and assessment

In fire accident investigations, infrared thermal imaging technology can assist experts in analyzing the cause of the fire. By analyzing data around the fire source, they can infer the cause and location of the fire.

Infrared thermal imaging technology plays an important role in fire warning and rescue. In the future, its application in the field of fire rescue will be more mature and extensive.

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