Infrared Technology Applied in the Field of Security

As we all know, objects in nature with temperatures above absolute temperature emit infrared radiation. Infrared thermal imaging uses passive infrared technology to detect objects by accepting the infrared radiation emitted by the object. Therefore, the infrared thermal camera can work normally no matter day or night, does not require external light sources, and has strong invisibility. In addition, it can still operate normally even in severe weather conditions such as rain and haze.

1. City surveillance

Infrared thermal imaging system can monitor some crowded and traffic-dense neighborhoods and assist staff in maintaining public safety and traffic order.

2. Border surveillance

Since border areas are usually remote, targets need to be monitored at a large range and very long distance. The infrared thermal imaging system can realize remote unattended monitoring, quickly discover suspicious targets and prevent illegal intrusions, ensuring national security.

3. Monitoring of important places

Power stations, reservoirs, key warehouses and units are all objects of national protection. Infrared thermal imaging has the characteristics of long monitoring distance, large range, and sensitive response. It can detect abnormal situations in time and ensure the safety of important places and facilities.

4. Port monitoring

Coasts and docks are gathering places for illegal activities such as theft and illegal immigration. Due to the low brightness and high population mobility, it is easy for criminals to act according to the opportunity. Infrared thermal imaging can monitor ports in harsh environments 24 hours a day to prevent illegal activities.

5. Airport and station monitoring

As the airport is densely populated and covers a large area, security work is very complex. Infrared thermal imaging can detect suspicious targets and provide early warning for illegal intrusions to ensure the safety of passengers. In addition, it also plays an important role in inspection and quarantine, improving people's travel efficiency.

6. Home monitoring

Infrared thermal imaging can be used in fire protection, anti-theft and other fields. It also has unique advantages in detecting water seepage or wall damage in houses.

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