Applications of infrared imaging drone systems

As drone technology continues to mature, drones are increasingly used in various applications. The combination of infrared thermal imaging technology and drones gives drones more functions, meets the needs of multiple industries, and opens up a new field of infrared thermal imaging technology. It plays an important role in power inspection, public security investigation, forest fire prevention and other fields.

1. Power-on inspection

Infrared inspection drones can carry out large-scale inspections. Compared with traditional manual inspection, it is more efficient and safer.

2. Public security investigation

The infrared drone can track suspects around the clock and is not affected by harsh environments such as darkness and haze. This is a powerful means for the police to catch suspects.

3. Forest fire prevention

UAV infrared can provide early warning of forest fires, realize all-terrain high-altitude thermal image remote sensing and real-time transmission of forest scene images, monitor abnormal high temperature points or alarm, and truly achieve rapid disaster prevention.

4. Animal protection

The infrared drone can observe the number, health status and living habits of animals from a long distance without affecting animal activities. This provides researchers with new means to study wildlife.

5. Emergency rescue

Infrared inspection drones can quickly locate disaster victims during emergency rescue, improve rescue efficiency, and reduce casualties such as fire rescue or maritime search and rescue.

Depending on the size and load weight of the drone, GSTiR can recommend a variety of infrared chips with different positions, super structure, low power consumption, and sensitivity, without worrying about battery life. Currently, many industry-leading UAV manufacturers have cooperated with GSTiR to achieve mass production of UAV payload products.

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