GSTiR Thermal Module Infrared Solutions for Security Industry

Fire detectors are sensors used in automatic fire alarm systems to detect and locate fires. Once a fire is detected, the fire detector converts physical characteristics of the fire, such as temperature, smoke, gas, and radiation intensity, into electrical signals and immediately sends an alarm signal to the fire alarm controller. The most common type of fire detector is the smoke detector, but in large open spaces, smoke can disperse and make detection difficult. Infrared thermal imaging technology, with its advantages of 24-hour monitoring and early warning before ignition, is widely deployed in warehouses, construction sites, restaurants, and other places.

Real-time monitoring of large spaces allows for the detection of abnormal temperature rises and alarm outputs during the smoldering stage. Precise location of heat sources using infrared thermal imaging prompts immediate intervention by personnel, effectively extinguishing the fire in its early stages. Thermal imaging integrated with fire prevention systems provides automatic fire prevention.


GSTiR Infrared Module Fire Protection Solution

To meet the needs of the fire protection industry, GSTiR has launched a mini infrared module - Timo120-30-90:

  • 90° wide field of view to meet the requirements of large field of view in fire protection monitoring systems
  • Long-distance fire point detection up to 20m
  • Miniature body structure for easy integration
  • Extended cable design to adapt to various complex structures
  • Cost-effective, reducing cost expenditu

Infrared Integration Solution for Developers

The Timo120 infrared module is an integrated solution that consists of the Timo bare module, ARM Linux, and ITA SDK, which outputs temperature and images. Customers can develop specific applications based on temperature and infrared images.

Customer Applications

This integrated solution, incorporating the Timo120 infrared module, can detect abnormal temperature rises in indoor environments, identify and locate fire points, and overlay alarm information on videos. It enables early warning of fires, making it widely applicable in the field of fire protection and increasingly accepted by more customers.

About Global Sensor Technology (GSTiR)

Global Sensor Technology is focused on the upstream sector of the infrared thermal imaging industry chain, providing a stable supply of various infrared detectors, infrared modules, infrared cores, and application solutions in large quantities. Its products have high sensitivity, good reliability, and performance indicators that meet international advanced levels. They have been widely used in security monitoring, fire rescue, UAV payloads, outdoor night vision, industrial temperature measurement, human body temperature measurement, gas leak detection, intelligent driving, Internet of Things, smart homes, and smart hardware.

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