PLUG1212 Thermal Module with Full Series of Lenses

Global Sensor Technology introduces the PlUG1212 thermal camera core with a full series of lenses. More lenses are available, and more application scenes can be used.

High Definition Image

PLUG1212 infrared camera module is developed on the basis of Global Sensor Technology’s high-definition 1280×1024 infrared focal plane detector. It has strong environmental adaptability, superior performance, excellent image algorithm, edge sharpening & clear images, and presents enhanced image details at any harsh environments.

Various Lens Types

In addition to meeting the general needs of multi-focal configurations, PLUG1212 thermal module full-lens series also includes multiple types of lens configurations such as fixed focus, zoom, electric, and lightweight. One module matches the whole series of lenses.

So, how to choose the appropriate lens to shoot a specific target scene? This must start with factors such as the field of view captured by the equipment, the working distance between infrared camera and the target etc. But it’s not that the more lenses the better; just choose the one that suits you.

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